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IT Products and Services
With over 380,000 products and services
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Tridacom announces benefits for all clients to assist in COVID-19 recovery...
IT Procurement
Access to client preferred pricing on more than 380,000 products and services
IT Monitoring & Alerting
Ensure your systems are always online through self-managed or managed monitoring
IT Managed Services
Providing support for all of your IT requirements including optional Emergency 24/7 Support
Cloud Solutions
Developing, implementing and managing digital transformation strategies for your business
Phone Solutions
Unified communication services with our global phone network in over 70+ countries
Tridacom Rewards
Earn rewards and cashback on the IT products and services you already purchase today!

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We've been thriving since 2008

Tridcom is a full-service technologies firm providing a broad spectrum of services to help your business stay connected. We are driven by our vision and core values, based on the desire to be a leading provider in technology solutions without sacrificing quality or customer service.

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