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Earn rewards on the IT products and services you already purchase today!

Earn rewards with every purchase or recommendation!

Register for Tridacom Rewards
Create or login to your Tridacom account and go to Tridacom Rewards under your user profile. Simply review and accept our program terms and create your own unique referral code.
Shop online and share your code!
Access our online store and shop, each item in our store displays what you will earn if you purchase the product, or what you can earn recommending the product to someone else. Add the items to your cart and check out or share the cart with a friend or colleague. Any completed sales will earn you rewards deposited direct to your rewards wallet.
Spend the rewards or cash them out!
Our rewards program is not like the other guys! We give you the option to either use the rewards as credit off future purchases or the ability to convert the rewards in your wallet directly to your bank account.
You can start earning with Tridacom in less than 5 minutes!
Tridacom Rewards Member Benefits
No Technical Skills Required
Our highly skilled technical team can assist you find the right product or service for you or your referral
Create Your Own Business
Build a referral base and keep them engaged at last once every 30 days to build up your very own business
Focus on what you Love
Take the lead on what you love, sales, tech or somewhere in-between and we will help you out with the rest
Super Easy to Start!
Tridacom Rewards is free to join and only takes five minutes to create your code and start earning rewards
Don't Leave Money on the Table
With over 350,000 products and services available we have something for everyone giving you more to sell
Convert Rewards to Cash
Accumulate rewards through purchases or recommendations and then withdraw them directly to your bank account
Who can register for Tridacom Rewards?

Tridacom Rewards is a program that is designed for rewarding individuals and business owners for their client loyalty and is eligible on all purchases. In order to enroll your business as a Tridacom Rewards member, you must be the business owner or have signing authority over the corporation as you will be required to accept our Tridacom Rewards Program Terms and Conditions.

Unfortunately due to regulations and laws, government entities, public corporations and some other types of organizations are unable to participate in our Tridacom Rewards program. For these clients we have other great options available for you so that you can still take advantage of Tridacom and everything that we have to offer. Contact us to find out more information on how we can help you and your organization.

If your organization does not qualify for Tridacom Rewards, you can create an account as an individual and start earning by making recommendations to friends, family and colleagues. Simply share your unique referral code and earn rewards on their purchases.

Plus get all these additional bonus features to help you quickly earn!
Easily build and share carts
Earn rewards for what you are already doing for free, recommending products and services to friends and colleagues.
Supercharge with IT Services
Tridacom is a full services IT solutions provider! You can earn up to 20% of IT solutions services or project-based revenue simply by recommending or buying from us.
Access to a massive catalog
Not only do we provide you instant access to over 350,000 products and services that you can buy and recommend, but you also can earn rewards on all them too!
Earn recurring rewards
We provide physical products, but we also provide numerous subscription-based products that you can recommend or buy and earn recurring rewards!
Pre-sales Support
You'll benefit by having access to our highly skilled technical staff during the pre-sales process to help you build the best solution! Simply click the chat bubble on any page!
Access to Training Opportunities
At Tridacom we believe knowledge is power, so any of our Tridacom Rewards members will be invited to exclusive training opportunities to help you learn new technology solutions!

Frequently Asked Questions

> How are rewards earned?
Not only do we provide you instant access to over 350,000 products and services that you can buy and recommend, you also can earn rewards on all them too!

> How are rewards calculated?
The total rewards earned for each item is displayed on the product page. You can either earn rewards by recommending the product, or by purchasing it. All rewards will be instantly deposited to your account as pending once payment for the sale has been confirmed.

After 30 days, rewards are available in your account which can be converted to cash and deposited to your bank account or will be available to be used towards future purchases.

> What are the requirements?
In order to join the Tridacom Rewards program, you must reside in Canada or the United States. If you are outside of these countries, please contact us as we have other programs available for you.

If you are employed by, but do not have controlling interest in the company, you can not earn rewards on purchases by the company or enroll the company in to the Tridacom Rewards program.

You can however signup as an individual and refer anyone or any company outside of the company you are employed with (if your employment agreement permits this).

> How can I use my rewards?
To use your rewards on products or services, you can use your available rewards balance in your Tridacom Wallet at the time of checkout.

If you wish to cash out your rewards to money in your bank account, you must first successfully complete the Tridacom Rewards Onboarding which allows you to provide us the necessary required personal and tax information to facilitate the transaction.

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