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Why buy from Tridacom?
We are different, because we are a technology company first, sales organization second unlike some of our competitors. That means we take a solutions-based approach to get the proper technical solution designed upfront ensuring that your project or order goes smoothly.

We also maintain near real-time stock inventory between our warehouses across the country and our website to give you the most accurate estimate of when you can expect to receive your items if they aren’t in stock. Combine that with our flexible and competitive pricing policy, we always make sure that you get the best deals from us.

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Can I order from the Canada store and ship to the United States (or vice versa)?
No, currently you must purchase the products and / or services from the store in the country that will receive the shipment. You can however order from a different country (for example order products while in Canada that will be shipped to the USA) and have the product delivered in the USA, even if you have a Canadian billing address.

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Can I purchase from outside Canada?
We are working on it! Watch for upcoming changes on our website or join to register on our website in order to kept up to date on the latest Tridacom news as we expand our services globally.

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How can I get more information about a product or service?
On each product that we sell, we try to provide as much detail as possible to help with your buying decision. If you still have questions on a particular product or service, we are here to assist you! Contact one of our Customer Care Team members by clicking on the chat bubble located at the bottom right on any page of our website.

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