Business owners and managers are realizing that VoIP is an advantage that they can use to lower costs, increase employee productivity, and maintain a secure network.

VoIP (VoIP) is the latest technology for connecting people, using internet connections to replace traditional phone lines.

When an employee makes a call, the VoIP system converts the voice into a digital signal that can travel over the internet, using the company’s bandwidth to deliver the call to the receiver of the person on the other end of the call. Signals are passed through your modem to the internet gateway, and all signals are encrypted to ensure that data isn’t corrupted or listened to, making VoIP a reliable and trusted communication system for companies concerned about security.

VoIP works on most modern telephones, internet-enabled devices, and some PCs (depending on the VoIP service your business is using), making it easy for your company to roll-out VoIP to all locations, employees, and their mobile phones. If you have employees that sometimes prefer to work from home, VoIP allows them to reroute calls from their office to their home without any noticeable change.

VoIP and Long Distance

The VoIP system for your business allows your employees to call overseas or any other long distance phone number for a fraction of the cost of traditional phone companies’ toll charges.

The phone call is sent via the internet as far as possible, and when the receiving phone is on a VoIP network, the call is delivered completely through internet bandwidth. In the event that the receiving phone is on a PTSN (Public Switched Telephone Network aka “normal” telephone service), the phone signal is delivered through the internet until it reaches the destination and connects through the PTSN as a local phone call. Any fees incurred are factored into the monthly fee charged by the VoIP carrier.

Because long-distance calls are delivered over internet lines, your employees don’t need to worry about long distance fees when they make long distance calls to grow your company and its revenue.Talk to

Tridacom About VoIP for Your Business

Tridacom is a Canadian telecommunications company with a focus on business solutions for organizations of all sizes. Our team of IT professionals and technicians have been working with technology for business since the 1990s, and we continually work on improving business and technology through our services and expertise.

VoIP for business is one of our most popular packages, with businesses realizing that internet-based telephony is a superior product than PTSN (legacy phone systems).

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