The “Cloud” has made it easier for businesses to share files and ideas, collaborate with people on the other side of the globe, and allow businesses to perform more efficiently.

With Cloud-based telephony, technology has made it possible to remain connected to your office when travelling around the globe, and communicate with coworkers or clients with the freedom of mobile devices.

Cloud-based telephony uses special technology that connects employees to their office phone numbers via their desktop, laptop or mobile devices, so that they can perform their business tasks and responsibilities from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

As your business grows in size and market share, the possibility of having your employees travel or telecommute may increase. With employees working from remote locations, the costs of communication via legacy phone systems would increase with long-distance and roaming charges. A Cloud-based telephony system eliminates these extra charges, while making it easier for your employees to stay connected.

As a vendor of Cloud-based telephony, Tridacom understands first-hand how it can positively affect a business’ operating costs for communication systems within the organization, and the feedback we have received from our clients speaks volumes to the effectiveness of the systems we offer.

Mobile devices coupled with Cloud-based telephony enables your employees to communicate with clients from their remote location, teleconference with coworkers, and retrieve their voicemail – all while on the road. This means that your sales team can meet with valued clients on their own terms, project managers can tour production facilities, and telecommuting employees can receive calls from their work phones.

Subscription Billing

But one of the most beneficial reasons to switch to a Cloud-based telephony system is the subscription billing system, which Tridacom bills your company based on the number of users. Long-distance and roaming charges are calculated into the monthly price, and you’ll know exactly how much your business will be spending each month on their phone systems. In addition, our Cloud-based telephony packages come packed with extra features including teleconferencing, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, and call filtering.

A Scalable Network

Another key benefit to using Cloud-based telephony is the ease of adding or removing users from the Admin dashboard. Simply log into your Admin account and you’ll have the ability to add new employees, locations, and phone numbers – all in the time it takes to send an email. This means that you won’t have to wait for the phone company to come and set up new phone lines or numbers at your office or at a new facility. Any computer or mobile device that connects to the internet can connect to your phone network, and they’ll be online in a matter of minutes.

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