Professional & Project Services

Let Tridacom worry about technology so you can focus on your Business.

Does your organization have a strategy for how technology can best serve your future needs? As technology experts, Tridacom can help create a plan or review and augment your existing plan.

Make sense of current and merging Business Technologies

Tridacom’s IT Consulting Services helps you navigate your options and explore how they impact your business environment. We do more than just sell technology, we work with you to find the solution that fits your business goals. We assess your current systems, the needs and goals of your business, and recommend innovative solutions that improve business agility, employee productivity, and system stability.

Benefits to Your Business

Increase Productivity
Tridacom IT Consulting Services help you find the tools to overcome business challenges and save your team time and money.

Avoid Expensive Purchasing Errors
Our IT Infrastructure Design will assist your organization in purchasing products to optimize your system.

Improve Resource Utilization
Overlooked areas and emergent technologies can dramatically impact your ROI. Tridacom discovers solutions and processes that improves the resource efficiency of your business.

Expand IT Capacity
Tridacom allows you to grow your business and improve service for your customers by unlocking the capacity of your current systems.

  • Needs assessments and strategic planning
  • RFP/RFQ development and management
  • Network design
  • Software license compliance
  • Asset management assistance
  • Converged infrastructure
  • Microsoft technologies
  • Infrastructure refreshment
  • Capacity planning
  • Business & systems analysis
  • Project management support

Your Business’ Data is the Lifeblood of Your Organization

Tridacom ensures the integrity of your business network.

From accounting, to customer records and inventory, your network infrastructure is essential for ensuring the safety and security of all your business information. Tridacom helps your business plan and execute a healthy and secure network structure with fast transmission rates, as well as create comprehensive backup systems and disaster recovery plans.[|2]

Benefits to Your Business

Bullet Proof Systems
Tridacom demonstrates how combined proactive planning, preventative maintenance, and a solid backup plan ensures your business system’s integrity and security.

Improve Recovery Time
In the event of a disaster, a properly structured network and system backup ensures quick and efficient data restoration.

Reduced Overall Costs
Tridacom reduces your overall operating cost by optimizing your network performance and eliminate redundant infrastructure.

Scalable IT Capacity
Tridacom assists your business managers to plan a Network Structure that meets the capacity and resiliency requirements of current business needs, taking your plans for growth into consideration.

Increased Security
Secure your systems by blocking spam, viruses, and malware from ever entering your company’s email inbox.

  • Backup & archiving
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Specializing in Cisco, Juniper
  • Network setup & upgrades
  • Off facility moves
  • Network realization
  • Topological network design
  • High availability & redundancy
  • IT asset sourcing
  • Mobile network design
  • VPN design and continuity
  • Virus and malware protection

Effectively Reduce IT Expenses While Boosting your Servers’ Efficiency and Agility

Consolidating servers and storage systems with virtualization can help your business reduce costs and avoid unnecessary hardware investments. Tridacom can help you develop a virtualization strategy that allows your business to reduce the number of servers, storage, and network devices to reduce network complexity and simplify your IT management.

Benefits to Your Business

Optimize Your IT Investment
Increase utilization to achieve more with fewer servers.

Increase Business Agility
Plan for future capacity and energy needs of your business.

Reduced Overall Costs
Reduce your overall cost by optimizing your network utilization and eliminating unnecessary infrastructure.

Improve Service Delivery
Virtualization can help your business automate routine administrative tasks to improve response time and reduce user error.

Increased Security
Secure your systems by stopping spam, viruses, and malware from ever entering your company’s email inbox.

  • Application & desktop virtualization
  • Remote desktop services
  • Server virtualization
  • Data center automation solutions
  • Server & storage consolidation solutions
  • Specializing in Citrix, VMware, Hyper-V
  • Provisioning
  • Dynamic load balancing
  • Unified software and applications

Experienced IT Consultants

Tridacom’s IT consultants have helped business managers achieve their goals by improving technology and processes for businesses of all sizes since 2009. We understand the ever-changing landscape of information technology, and our IT specialists are continually undergoing training to stay up-to-date on ways to improve our customer’s business processes. We work with the latest software, hardware, and tools so that your business remains competitive on the global market.

Competitive Pricing

Our IT consultants discover the most cost-effective solutions and processes that work for your business. We understand that your business shouldn’t invest more than is absolutely necessary in your IT infrastructure, which is why our customers refer us first.