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Plantronics Manager Pro
Easily gain insights, simplify headset adoption, and troubleshoot and respond to individual needs with no interruptions to the customer experience, all from one place.

Empowering Productivity

For users, the ideal headset is something they barely notice. Until it needs to be updated or repaired, that is. When hardware isn’t working optimally, it can have an impact on productivity. Plantronics Manager Pro’s easy-to-use tools empower IT professionals to proactively manage the performance of every Plantronics headset across the enterprise. That means uninterrupted productivity for end users.

Smarter Monitoring and Management

With hundreds—even thousands—of headsets to manage, dealing with individual needs can be time-consuming and labor-intensive for IT staff. Plantronics Manager Pro offers a powerful web-based solution to configure settings and update audio device software and firmware. It also uses a cloud-based architecture and offers predictive reporting tools that provide new insights into your communications environment.

Seamless Rollouts and Easy Adoption

Until now, rolling out new headsets and managing user adoption across the enterprise was a major challenge. Combined with Plantronics Hub, Plantronics Manager Pro allows IT managers to configure devices to be truly plug-and-play, so users can start using their new headsets more easily. Plantronics Manager Pro also creates reports on where and how headsets are being used, letting IT reach out to users who need additional training or assistance.

Streamline Settings and Updates

Policy-based management ensures that the user experience with each audio device is exactly within the parameters set by IT. The easy-to-understand dashboard makes it simple to manage device settings, firmware versions, and regulatory compliance based on company policy. You can apply these parameters companywide or to a specific user group.

Regulations and Compliance

Keeping up with industry regulations governing communication devices can be a difficult task for large companies. Plantronics Manager Pro allows the IT team to monitor acoustic protection features, set daily noise exposure levels, and lock those settings in all headsets, ensuring regulatory compliance across the organization.

Simplified Deployment

Designed with point-and-click setup in mind, Plantronics Manager Pro integrates seamlessly with Plantronics Hub to ensure consistent and easy configuration of each and every headset. Plantronics also provides pre-configured MSI installation packages to automatically connect the Plantronics Hub client to a tenant.

Worry-Free Permissions

Fully customizable permissions give your IT team full access to critical audio device settings or firmware deployments. They also give other groups, such as customer service teams, access to information for their own vital reporting. Now every team can have more insight into their own performance, while reducing IT backlog.

License term in years 1 year(s)
License level purchase required >10000

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