Monoprice 8130 network cable tester UTP/STP cable tester Black, Blue, White

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When a LAN connection fails, you can swap out the cable to see if it is the problem or you can reach for the Monoprice LAN Quicker 009!

This cable tester is designed to troubleshoot RJ45 LAN cables, both UTP and STP. It not only tells you if the cable passes or fails the test, it indicates which pins fail and whether they are open, shorted, or crossed. This allows you to easily see if the cable is your problem and what you need to do to fix it, if it is.

The tester has two basic testing modes: Auto and Step.

In auto mode it makes a single pass over the cable and gives a result. It shows whether the cable passed or failed and, if it failed, the type of failure (open, short, or cross) and the affected pins/wires.

In step mode the tester steps through each wire independently with each press of the Test button. This allows you to get detailed results for a cable that may have multiple types of failures. For example, you can see that pin 1 is open, pins 2 and 3 are crossed, and that pin 4 is shorted.

Auto power off Y
Battery voltage 9 V
Number of batteries supported 1
Battery technology Alkaline
Technical details
LED indicators Y
Product colour Black, Blue, White
Built-in display N
Supported connectors RJ-45
Test type Cross-connection testing, Short circuit testing, Transmission testing
Product type UTP/STP cable tester

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