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Support for Unified Communications

Choose the support that’s right for your business

Your company relies on its communications infrastructure to keep everyone connected anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Your collaboration environment is a strategic competitive differentiator in today’s digital world. Maintaining high availability and adoption rates with minimal risk are only the basic expectations from your internal customers. Selecting the right level of technical support is the first step to achieve the full potential of your infrastructure.

That is where Software Support for Unified Communications comes into play. With three options of support to choose from (Basic, Enhanced, and Premium), this offer is designed to enable faster business outcomes, keep your company up to date with the latest technology, and give you peace of mind when it matters.


- Increased uptime through rapid resolution of software incidents and proactive support and IT adoption
- Better support experience with direct access to product experts
- Faster return on your software investment, with onboarding assistance and seamless integration of the software into your current environment and workflows

Service time (hours x days) 8x5
Service type Next Business Day
Compatibility Cisco D18G0052

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