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Proactive support for network infrastructure

Smart Net Total Care provides award-winning technical support along with an entitlement to smart capabilities. Solve problems faster, improve operational efficiency, and reduce your risk of downtime. Smart Net Total Care gives you more time to focus on business innovation while proactively supporting your infrastructure.

Solve problems faster

Technical support, online resources, and smart capabilities help reduce downtime and promote business continuity.

Improve efficiency

Inventory and contract management are automated. Maintaining an up-to-date view of your network takes less effort.

Stay up and running

Reduce the risk of downtime with expert technical support, flexible hardware coverage, and up-to-date coverage data.

On-site support Y
Service time (hours x days) 24x7
Response time 4 h
Number of years 1 year(s)
Compatibility Cisco AIR-CAP1602ICK9-RF

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