Companies require the use of technology to operate, and most small businesses use one or more different systems in their day to day activities.

Your business likely cannot afford to deal with downtime or a failure to one of these services, which could leave your employees without the tools they need to generate revenue for your organization. Without the technology they need to do their tasks, it makes it hard or impossible for them to work to their full potential.

When a system goes down, it could leave you or your team scrambling to get it back to it’s full operational status within as little time as possible. But without the expertise and knowledge to troubleshoot the problems, your business downtime could be measured in days or weeks.

Fortunately, Managed IT Support for Small Business is a valuable asset that your organization can use when its needed most to get your systems back to their operational status. A full-time IT employee is probably an expense that your business cannot justify, which makes on-call Managed IT Support a cost-effective way to keep your systems operating at full efficiency.

Most businesses rely on Email Servers for their employees to remain connected with each other and with new and prospective clients. When your Email Server fails, your business can’t function properly, and your employees can miss out on a new client or important client support.

When Email Server failure happens, Tridacom’s Managed IT Support staff can troubleshoot the problems and resolve the issues that are causing the downtime. They will be able to get your Email Servers up and running quickly so that your business can resume without any additional interruptions.

Another common technology used in small businesses is a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system, which connects all of your employees through a virtual switchboard. When your PBX goes down, all calls to or from your office will be dropped. Your client’s can’t contact their service or sales reps, and your employees cannot make the important calls to generate your organization revenue. Employees are unable to do their job, which means you’re paying them to do nothing.

When your PBX experiences downtime, your call to Tridacom’s Managed IT Support Team can ensure that your calls are being completed. Our team of experienced Telecommunications technicians understand how and why a PBX can fail, and we’ve worked with all types and models for small, medium, and enterprise level businesses.

A server may be something that your business relies on to host your website and or apps, and most people who have worked with one will agree that they’re extremely temperamental and prone to outages. Your clients and employees need access to your website and apps whenever they call upon them, which means that your server must be live 100% of the time. Any downtime can cause damage to your organization and reputation, and in some cases bring upon legal action to you or your business.

Tridacom’s Managed IT Support team can get your servers live and delivering your website and/or app(s) to your clients following a failure or service outage soon after it’s reported to us. Our team has worked with all models and brands of servers running any operating system, and our experience and expertise can rescue your business from an extended downtime period.

For more information on Tridacom and our Managed IT Services, please contact us today at 1-877-489-0123 for a free consultation and quotation. Our team will ensure your operations will run smoothly without experiencing downtime that can cost you money or damage to your brand’s reputation.

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