Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keeping you and your data safe in case of disaster, corruption or ransomware attacks

If disaster strikes, we have you covered!
We have over a decade of recovery experience.

When a disaster event is declared, every second counts! Tridacom's IT professionals have experience in advanced data recovery, disaster recovery planning, security and threat & malware counter measures.
Server & Desktop Backup Solutions
Backup your data either locally or direct to the cloud with our server and desktop backup solutions. An affordable backup solution for all sizes of businesses.
Phone Service Disaster Recovery
Leverage Tridacom's global communications network to ensure that your business can stay connected in the event that disaster occurs with our suit of services.
Disaster Recovery Planning
Every company has unique needs and requirements, that is why we are here to help. With our planning service, we can analyze your current requirements together.

Full-featured data backup and recovery with industry leading software

Flexible Retention Periods
We allow you to maintain advanced retention policies allowing you to keep your data longer and according to your own requirements.
Almost Infinite Capacity
With our solution you purchase device licenses and a pool of storage that is shared across your organization. Allowing you to scale your backup solution as you need it
Bare Metal Disaster Recovery
Recover your entire server or workstation from backup - even if the device you are recovering to is completely different from the original device!
Restore data locally super fast!
With our solution, you can also store a second copy of the data locally - giving you the ability to recover data super fast at local network speeds.
Secure, High Capacity Cloud
We leverage some of the most secure and reliable data centres ensuring that your data is stored safe and sound.
Virtual Machine Backups
Backup and recover virtual machines for both VMWare and Hyper-V leveraging our backup and recovery software console.
How our Server & Desktop Backup Solution Works
Plan the Number and Type of Devices and Purchase Licenses
Work with a Tridacom Advisor to determine the number and type of devices that you require for your environment. You will receive information from us after we setup your account to register your device.
Download and Install our Backup Software
From the Tridacom Hub, login and download the software from the Backup and Recovery section.
Register the Backup and Recovery Software to Cloud
Using the information we provided you in Step 1 and the instructions in the Tridacom Hub, register the backup software to the cloud and begin your first backup.
Backup Disater

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