What is Server Virtualization
August 12th, 2015 Matt McCue

Server Virtualization reduces operational and cooling costs of your data centre by increasing the workflow and efficiency of the IT Investment of your business.

Server Virtualization is the process of creating virtual (not actual) servers from within an individual server, with the ability to run their own operating systems and processes. Using software to create new environments, one physical server can act as many different servers, each running their own processes and operating systems.

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One of the most known examples of Server Virtualization a virtual private server account sold by any Internet Service Provider (ISP). The company sells space on a server to many different clients, who each have access to their own partitioned environment for hosting their websites, apps, processes, etc.

In companies with their own data centre and server(s), a virtual server can run many different key processes and operating systems in a secure environment that don’t interfere with each other. Your business can use the server to its full potential by creating multiple virtual servers that are each running in the same machine. This allows your IT Department to deal with fewer machines, reducing the operational and cooling costs associated with running servers. With less servers in your data centre, your IT Department have a decreased workload associated with the upkeep and management of the servers, and they can focus on revenue-generating projects for your business.

Using virtual servers instead instead of purchasing additional servers is a smart business decision for any business manager or owner as it eliminates the costs of any unnecessary expensive purchases. A virtual server can go online in as little as an afternoon, while a new actual server may take weeks from the time of purchase to when it goes online. There are many additional steps to taking an actual server online in your data centre compared to creating a new virtual server.

Shipping may take up to a couple weeks for the machine to arrive, then it must be cabled into your data centre, which may take a couple more days before it’s ready to go live. With the additional costs of shipping, cables, labour, installed software, etc., the cost of acquiring a new server may be more than double the retail price of the machine. Depending on the size of your organization and the operational budget for you IT Department, a new machine may not be necessary or affordable, which is why Server Virtualization is used so heavily by companies of all sizes.

The team of IT Consultants working for Tridacom have performed countless Server Virtualizations for companies of all sizes throughout Canada, and our experience has given us the expertise to carry out the procedures with complete customer satisfaction. We’re frequently recommended by our current clients to their business associates because we stand behind our service with a 24/7 coverage to ensure that their systems are running to their full potential, without experiencing downtime or loss of service due to networking issues or operating system conflicts.

To learn more about Server Virtualization, please contact Tridacom today and one of our IT Consultants will explain how the process can increase your business’ efficiency and workflow. Call 1-877-489-0123 to speak to our team members today.

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