4 Tips to Smoothly Transitioning Your Office Phone System to VoIP
June 2nd, 2015 Matt McCue

VoIP is a top-notch business tool that SMB owners can use to minimize office expenses of phone systems, and increase the performance of call quality and security.

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How Can SMB Take Advantage of VoIP?

VoIP is a phone system that runs entirely on Internet connections (IP), and since there are no long distance fees associated with VoIP, this allows employees to talk for longer without costing the company extra tolls. This gives your company the flexibility to expand into new regional markets without opening a new office location.

When implemented correctly, your organization’s employees will experience higher productivity levels thanks to a clearer phone call, the ability to be more reachable when clients call, and be able to filter out non-important calls.

Tridacom has helped many SMB companies make the switch from legacy phone systems to VoIP, and although our IT team does most of the hard work, there are a few tips to make the transition as smoothly as possible.

4 Tips to Smoothly Transitioning Your Office Phone System to VoIP

  1. Redundancy - When you’re planning to install VoIP for your business, the last thing you want to have happen is your business grinds to a halt the internet goes out, which is why Tridacom recommends a second ISP (internet service provider) for the sake of redundancy. When planning your VoIP setup, our team of IT consultants will recommend a secondary ISP for your company to use as a backup in the event of a problem with your primary ISP. Considering the cost savings of switching to VoIP, the cost of an additional ISP is a small price to pay.

  2. Schedule Your Switch-Over When the Office is Empty - When you’re planning to have your systems switch from legacy to VoIP, a downtime is expected during the transfer. The best way to ensure that your employees aren’t disrupted is to schedule the switch when your office is empty. Holidays or weekends are the best days to plan for Tridacom to make the change from your legacy phone system to your new VoIP network.

  3. Consider a PBX - A PBX (private branch exchange) is an option for companies that don’t require every employee to have their own dedicated phone number. Call centres and companies that rely on inbound calls may find a PBX a more cost-effective solution.
    PBX is a closed-network telephony system for a company that utilizes enterprise-level servers or legacy switchboard to route the calls. When using hosted servers or the “Cloud” to manage the PBX, multiple virtual servers are used (Virtualization), the entire network can be stable with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Tridacom’s IT teams can assist your company with Virtualization to increase server efficiency and performance.

  4. Follow the Data - Tridacom installs a powerful admin system for all of our VoIP for Business packages, which allows office managers to track the quality of calls, length of calls, and which employees get the most calls. You can use this data to measure the closing ratio of employees - and who deserves coffee - because remember.. Coffee’s for closers only.
    Using your Admin system you can also record calls, reroute calls to available employees, and filter non-urgent calls from employees working on other projects.

In summary, Tridacom will assist with most of the difficult tasks associated with switching from legacy phone systems to VoIP or PBX. If you schedule the switch on a weekend or holiday, your employees won’t notice a disruption in service with their phones.

Our IT team will work with office managers throughout the process to ensure that your office is protected in terms of network security and uptime, and we’ll recommend phones to purchase in the event that your office phones aren’t compatible with VoIP service.

To learn more about the cost savings associated with VoIP for business, contact Tridacom today for more information and a free estimate for your company’s transition to VoIP.

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