5 Ways VoIP Increases Employee Productivity
June 22nd, 2015 Matt McCue

An increase in employee productivity can be give your organization a competitive edge over your competition.

There are many logical reasons why VoIP for Business is the ideal choice as your company’s telecommunication solution, but in terms of employee productivity VoIP is by far the most superior system on the market.

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All of the companies that Tridacom has installed VoIP for have experienced a reduction in operational costs of their telecommunication needs, but the real cost savings when using VoIP has been attributed to an increased employee productivity.

With many workplaces now extending further and further from the geographical location of the office, employees are more mobile than ever. VoIP allows your employees to remain connected to the office in ways that legacy phone systems never could.

  1. Never missing a call. Likely the most important aspect of VoIP for Business is the way that it allows employees to remain connected to their office phone - even when they’re on the other side of the globe. Employees who travel for their work need be reachable by their coworkers and clients - without having to track down an international phone number to call them. When your company uses VoIP, the employee can reroute calls from their office number or extension to their mobile device. The caller uses the same number as they always would, and there is no noticeable effect when the call is rerouted.
  2. Filtering out non-essential calls. When an employee is focused on a task, an unimportant call can disrupt their train of thought, and causes them to lose valuable time when brainstorming or working. The ability to put a filter on their phone which sends non-essential calls to their voicemail allows them to continue working without distractions. A call filter will only let through the clients or coworkers who they have previously identified as essential calls, and the rest are passed directly to the voicemail where they may leave a message.
  3. Email notifications of voicemail messages. When the employee receives a message in their voicemail, the system will send a notification email alerting them of the pending message. Email notifications will pop-up on their desktop via their email alert system or on their mobile device, which they can check at their convenience. This allows them to work or attend a meeting without their phone disrupting the workflow.
  4. Call forwarding to another employee. When an employee goes on vacation or is out of the office for personal time, VoIP allows their calls to be forwarded to a coworker of their choosing. This means that their clients to be able to speak to someone within your organization, which ensures that their needs are met in a timely manner.
  5. No long distance charges. When your employees can call existing and potential clients without incurring toll charges, they’re able to talk freely without the worry of a large charge associated with the call. This allows them to remain on the call until the client is satisfied, and all of their needs are addressed and solved. The employee will be able to provide a higher level of customer support and service than when using legacy phone systems because there won’t be any long distance charges billed to their line.

When considering a phone system for your company, it’s important to research all of the pros and cons associated with the network operating system. Legacy phone systems clearly don’t offer your employees the same level of features that they can use to increase their productivity.

The features included with every VoIP for Business plan enables your employees to work smarter and more focused than ever before. Their productivity will increase as a result of taking advantage of these features, which means your company’s revenue will benefit when using VoIP.

Learn more about VoIP for Business or any of the other telecommunication solutions that Tridacom can install for your company by calling us today. We’re available to discuss your organization’s needs and requirements, and recommend a solution that works best for your company. Call 1-877-489-0123 for more information.

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