Tridacom Launches Virtual PRI Service in Canada
May 5th, 2015 Matt McCue

Switch your company’ phone system to Tridacom’s Virtual PRI and experience a much higher ROI than with legacy phone systems. Find out why Virtual PRI is right for your business.

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Canadian telecommunications company Tridacom is pleased to announce a new service offered to its clients: Virtual PRI.

What is Virtual PRI?

Business owners and managers are coming around to the idea of taking their phone systems to the cloud, and Virtual PRI is a high-end solution for medium and large businesses with lots of phone lines and employees.

Virtual PRI is a cloud-based telecommunication solution which delivers high-quality phone calls between your locations, employees, and clients. Virtual PRI is a VoIP application for businesses with high call volume on numerous phone lines - ideal for call centres, inbound customer service, and companies with moderate to high call volumes. Virtual PRI is the preferred solution for businesses wanting to consolidate multiple phone lines to reduce operational costs of their communication systems.

Increase Your ROI

A company with a Virtual PRI phone system experiences a much higher ROI than with legacy phone systems, as many features are included in the packages that Tridacom offers its clients - making the switch to Virtual PRI a logical choice for business owners looking to reduce operational costs.

Call forwarding, conferencing, unlimited long distance, and caller ID are standard features that are bundled into all of the Virtual PRI and Virtual PRI packages that we offer. These standard features are applied to all phone lines connected to the VoIP system, including employees’ smartphones on your secure network.

Scaling Your Business with Virtual PRI

Plugging your business into Virtual PRI systems allows for growth and expansion much easier than with legacy phone systems. Adding additional channels to your network is a simplified process that doesn’t involve data centres, tech service calls, or rewiring your office.

Because everything is in the cloud, Tridacom’s technicians take care of most of the tasks of adding additional PRI lines to your network, which is done remotely from our offices.

This makes it easy for business owners and managers to add new locations, employees, or extensions to their network. A new employee can be added to your network in about 5 minutes, which includes linking their mobile device, ensuring that they never miss an important business call.

As your business grows and your call volume increases, the Virtual PRI meets the demands to your bandwidth and network. In fact, Virtual PRI is the ideal solution for businesses with extremely high call volume - cloud-based pjpme lines can handle the load that your employees and clients need in order to stay connected with each other.

Tridacom’s Virtual PRI Solutions for Businesses

Businesses that switch their legacy phone systems to Tridacom’s Virtual PRI have a few different solutions to choose, with something for most business sizes and budgets. Our team of CISCO and VoIP certified technicians are available to discuss your business’ communication needs with you, and recommend the Virtual PRI solution that best suits your organization.

We have worked with Canadian companies of all sizes to reduce their operational costs while increasing their call quality and employees’ connectivity.

Give us a call at 1-877-489-0123 to discuss how Tridacom’s Virtual PRI solutions fit within your company’s communcation network.

Tridacom is a Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Toronto, Regina, and Vancouver.

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