Applying vCIO Services to Your Business Model Levels the Competitors' Playing Field
May 5th, 2016 Matt McCue

Level the competitor's playing field with a Virtual Chief Information Officer, applying their decades of expertise to your business model.

A vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) is a game changer for the SMB (small or mediumsized business) that is competing with a large or multinational corporation, because a vCIO can level the competitors' playing field(s).

The business that requires the services of a vCIO is any organization that doesn’t have the revenue or budget to attract a fulltime CIO, a C-suite executive whose function is to plan and develop the company’s technological backbone and IT investment. A vCIO is an experienced veteran of the IT community, who has the expertise and knowledge to ensure that the development your company’s IT investment is mapped out with the growth of your organization in mind.

The vCIO works directly with your senior management and IT department to customize an IT strategy that meets the needs of the business, oversee project development from a managerial perspective, and consult on the company’s technological purchases. Many large organizations and multinationals have their own fulltime CIOs, whose primary function is to navigate the organization through complexities consistent with IT.

SMBs typically don’t have the available capital to invest in a fulltime CIO, nor do they require a dedicated CIO on the payroll, which makes a vCIO ideal. A SMB may only require a few hours of consulting per month from their vCIO, and paying for a fulltime CIO just doesn’t make sense. The vCIO is billed on a perusage fee structure, ensuring that the SMB on a budget is getting their money’s worth, and not paying for something they aren’t using. It’s a flexible, costeffective business tool that puts your organization’s IT investment on the same playing field as your largest competitor.

Tridacom is a 100% Canadian telecommunications and IT company with both SMB and enterpriselevel organizations as clients. Our vCIO program is a low-cost, high-performing service granting access to a dedicated senior level IT manager, available when your company requires the services.

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