Clients' Uptime is the #1 Priority
June 18th, 2015 Matt McCue

From power outages to cut fibre optic cables, the unforeseen can be detrimental to a business that hasn’t planned for worst-case scenarios.

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With services like VoIP for Business and Network Continuity Plans, Tridacom's objective is to keep your company’s operations running smoothly when crisis hits. From power outages to cut fibre optic cables, the unforeseen can be detrimental to the business that hasn’t planned for worst-case scenarios.

Protected Phone Services

When our IT teams install VoIP for Business for your company, we set-up redundancies that protect your network from downtime due to anything from ISP (internet service provider) outages, cut fibre optic cables due to a construction mishap, or human error.

When the traditional wired connections for data and communications were down due to a construction mishap that resulted in a cut fibre optic cable belonging to a major telecommunications company, all the businesses in a five block radius were without service for 4 days - with the exception of Tridacom's clients ALMAG Aluminum.

When we set up their internet and phone systems, ALMAG Aluminum stressed the importance of having a system with the least amount of downtime possible, so our IT team installed a secondary internet package as a redundancy precaution.  When the primary connection failed, the secondary system kicked in and they continued their business operations while their neighbours were without phone and internet.

What would happen to your business if a fibre optic cable belonging to your ISP was cut in your neighbourhood? Would your business grind to a halt with no emails or phone calls coming in or going out?

If your business uses any of Tridacom’s telephony services that run on VoIP technology, there would be no disruption of service or downtime. Our experience and expertise in telecommunications installation and maintenance ensures that our clients’ businesses are protected from problems that could cost them lost revenue and employee productivity. Your employees can continue to communicate with clients and coworkers because you chose Tridacom’s telecommunication services.

Protecting IT Systems and Networks

In addition to designing failsafe telecommunications, Tridacom is a Canadian leader in IT Consulting services for businesses of all sizes. Tridacom’s IT technicians have 15+ years of experience, and in that time we have seen most every scenario and issue that could go wrong with IT and telecommunication systems.

Our expertise in troubleshooting and planning for the worst-case scenario has protected our clients from countless problems and crises, maintaining a fully-operational status throughout most any issue that would cripple any other business.

We Don't Let Disaster Strike

With continuity and disaster recovery plans that are designed to protect and maintain operational status during even the most grueling scenario, we ensure that uptime isn’t disrupted when almost any disaster strikes. And when your business is using Tridacom’s Managed Services, we’ll monitor your network and systems 24/7 so that your employees and clients don’t notice any disruption to service.

Learn more about Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery and how our services can protect your business during crisis. Call Tridacom today at 1-877-489-0123 for more information on any of the IT or Telecommunication services to protect your business.

Tridacom is a Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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