4 Ways Tridacom Protects Your Company's Bottom Line
July 10th, 2015 Matt McCue

Many companies struggle to maintain a profit during these tough economic times, however, one of the ways that they can protect their bottom line is with IT Consulting.

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As one of the country’s trusted IT Consulting firms, Tridacom has helped countless companies improve their bottom line with our IT Consulting services. We’ve assisted businesses of all sizes to insulate them from these tough economic times by optimizing their IT investment with our IT Consulting, Virtualization, Managed Services, and Network Contingency / Disaster Recovery plans .

IT Consulting

The main service that Tridacom offers to our clients is IT Consulting. With more than 17 years of experience in IT, our team has assisted our clients in reducing their costs associated with managing of their company’s IT investments including servers and desktop machines.

When your company invests in Tridacom IT Consulting services, we make sure that all of your machines and operating systems are working at their optimal level, and that they’re protected by the most current and up-to-date security features and processes.

Once your systems and machines are optimized and protected, the chances of your systems failing or being hacked are reduced substantially.

Tridacom and our team of IT Consultants can help your company, even if an in-house IT department exists in your organization. Our clients have realized that when our team is working on maintaining and upkeep of your IT investment, your IT department is available to work on revenue-generating projects such as new products or services. Doing so can elevate your company’s status and competitive advantage to a higher level than your competitors, placing you in a much better market standing.


Virtualization is the process of creating multiple virtual servers inside one physical server which allow your business to run more than process or operating system without having to purchase additional machines.

When your servers are able to run multiple operating systems, your company can take advantage of the machine’s ability to work on multiple tasks at once, which improves the efficiency and workload that it can handle. By optimizing the server through virtualization, you’re able to reduce the overhead expense associated with running and managing servers.

Your electricity bill won’t be affected as it would be if you were to purchase additional machines, and your IT department (or the Tridacom team of IT Consultants) won’t have to deal with an excess amount of machines - and the upkeep associated with a data centre.

Managed Services

The Managed Services provided by Tridacom is a service where our team of IT technicians will handle ALL maintenance and upkeep associated with your company’s IT investment.

We ensure that your machines and operating systems are working continuously without disruption so that your employees and clients can continue to generate revenue for your company. We also monitor your systems for any potential problem that could arise, and work proactively to resolve the issue before it becomes a situation that can cause downtime or disruption of service.

Subscribers to our Managed Services also receive 24/7 support which puts them in contact with Tridacom technicians who are available to troubleshoot any technical issue that requires a professional touch. In the event that a machine fails or goes down and causes data loss, our technicians can resolve the situation either remotely or on-site.

When your employees are able to work without disruptions caused by network downtime, you’re able to ensure that they continue to generate revenue for your company.

Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans

Planning for the worst-case scenario is what a Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery (NCDR) plan is for, and having one can protect your business from data loss or downtime due to unforeseen circumstances such as a disgruntled employee’s sabotage, viruses or malware, or severed cables. This is the plan that keeps your business online and operational when disaster strikes, or gets it back up and running in the shortest possible timeframe.

A NCDR plan can protect your business from data loss in the event of system failure, which could save your company countless dollars in time and effort due to network downtime, or replace lost info. The plan essentially ensures that your company will remain online during most situations that could happen, which will ensure that your employees are available when your existing and prospective clients want to reach them.


Regardless of your company’s business plan or its dependency of IT, Tridacom can help improve its bottom line by optimizing and protecting your network, machines, and data. When your company is protected, you can worry less about the “what ifs” that could arise and cause problems for you and your employees, and concentrate on creating and expanding revenue streams.

Your employees can continue to work when crises arise that would cripple any company without the protected provided by Tridacom, which will ensure that your brand and reputation is protected.

For more information on how Tridacom can protect your company and increase its bottom line, please contact us today at 1-877-489-0123.

Tridacom is a Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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