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June 4th, 2015 Matt McCue

When it comes to the functionality and uptime of your company's IT investment, it just needs to work.

At Tridacom we understand that every business has different needs and goals, and that there are no two business alike. That’s why our team works closely with your business managers, C-Suite execs, and IT department to ensure that your company’s needs are addressed and met.

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 When your system and its machines don’t work to their full potential, your employees productivity and workplace satisfaction decreases. Nobody wants to deal with technology that doesn’t work. And when time is money, there’s no reason that your employees should be spending their time on equipment that isn’t working correctly.

IT Solutions for Your Business

In our experience, many of these problems stem from one similar issue: incompatible systems and machines. As technology evolves and updates, there comes a point when antiquated machines and systems begin to stop working correctly with one another. Office managers and IT technicians typically purchase new machines as they’re needed, and sometimes the compatibility between the new and legacy machines isn’t 100%.

This is where we come in. Our IT Consultants will thoroughly analyze the systems and machine in operation, troubleshoot any compatibility issues, and devise a plan to make everything works to their maximum potential. Sometimes this means that in order to get machines talking to each other correctly, we’ll have to create custom code or software to abolish any connectivity and compatibility problems. Other times, we may have to move some of the processes to our secure servers so that the workload is reduced on your servers - or create multiple virtual servers from one individual server (called Virtualization).

Outside the Box IT Solutions

And because no two businesses or organizations are the same, our team of IT consultants have had to think creatively and out of the box in order to fulfill the needs of our clients - Canadian businesses of all sizes with varying functions and expectations. While some businesses use their own dedicated servers and machines, others have opted to put their data and processes in the “Cloud”. Our IT technicians have worked with businesses that manage their technology applications in all conceivable manners, and there isn’t a situation or workflow that we can’t optimize.

The telecommunication needs and requirements for companies differ as much or greater than the needs of their IT solutions. Some of our clients have realized the gains in switching from legacy telephone systems to a VoIP solution that has their phones sharing the same bandwidth as their internet data, while others have opted for a private branch exchange (PBX) that uses trunks and switchboard or extensions.

Upgrading Business Telecommunication 

Business owners and managers of all sizes have chosen Tridacom to fulfill their telecommunication needs to improve performance, security, and connectability. We have made it possible for employees to continue to receive calls via their mobile devices - whether they’re across the office or in another continent. The modern business world extends much further than the office floorspace, and employees are typically traveling more as part of their job functions. This means that they need to be accessible to their clients and coworkers.

Our phone systems for business makes sure that our employees can be reached no matter where they are - to serve and grow your business. The phone systems that we install which run on internet broadband (< ahref="" target="_blank">VoIP) include redundancy plans and measures in the event that the unexpected happen. Should a fibreoptic cable get cut or your primary ISP’s (internet service provider) signal gets disrupted, our failsafe network continuity plans kick into gear and resume service to your phones.

Contact Us Today

Find out why Tridacom is one of Canada’s premier IT and Telecommunication companies for businesses of all sizes. Our team of IT consultants and engineers will be able to improve your organization’s data flow and network usability. We’ll ensure that your employees can communicate with each other better to ensure that your business is as productive and efficiently as possible.

Contact us today for more information on how we can optimize your business. Call 1-877-489-0123 for more information on Tridacom’s IT and Telecommunication services, and how they can improve your company’s revenue.

Tridacom is a Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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