7 Tips to Getting Promoted
September 1st, 2015 Matt McCue

Looking to get a promotion at your workplace? These 7 tips can help you land that corner office.

Climbing the corporate ladder comes with many perks including a better salary, nicer office, support staff, and prestige. Every day you’re working should be a day that you’re working towards getting a promotion. Excelling at your current position and showing management that you have the right attitude to move up is the foundation for showing that you’re an asset to the company.

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With today’s job market, it’s likely harder to get a promotion than in our parent’s generation. The reliance on technology, globalization and outsourcing, means that the company structure is often flatter than before, and promotions are less likely. Often times a position change in the workplace is a lateral move that doesn’t necessarily meet the definition of a promotion. 


Incorporating these tips into your strategy will go a long way in getting you noticed, and advancing your career.


Do the best you can do in your current position. 

Think of each position as a stepping stone that you must successfully complete before moving onto the next, and give 100% effort in every task you’re assigned. It also helps to give a bit extra, and show up early and leave the office later than you usually do.


Get a Mentor

Someone who has already climbed the corporate ladder in their respective field would be a good mentor to have in your corner, and their advice may be invaluable to your career. Ideally you’ll want to find someone within your own company for your mentor because when it comes time for the organization to fill a position internally, their advice may tip the scales in your favour. Regardless of their place of employment, a mentor can be an excellent source of career guidance and support.


Learn New Skills

Showing management that you have the motivation and drive to succeed is the cornerstone of getting a promotion, and learning new skills or knowledge is one of the ways that you can increase your worth to the company. New technological or business  skills may give you a competitive advantage over your coworkers who are vying for the same promotion, and there are many options that you can learn from. Edx.org is a free (or $50 for accredited courses) online school that has digital versions of courses from many of the top universities or colleges including Harvard and MIT. Take some online accredited courses, and let HR and your boss know each time you complete a course.


Ask for More Responsibilities

A promotion involves an increased workload, often with new tasks and projects that are assigned to you. One of the ways that you can familiarize yourself with the new work before you’re officially promoted is by asking for more responsibility. You’re also showing your boss(es) that you’re motivated to learn more and do more.


Let Your Career Goals Be Known 

Make sure that your managers understand that you’re interested in rising amongst the ranks of the company, and that a promotion is what you’re after. It doesn’t hurt to be upfront about your career goals, but always strive to do your best at your current position. Letting management know that you’re eager to advance your career shows initiative on your part, which may play in your favour when a position opens up.


Attend Office Events

Office parties and staff events are an excellent way to get to know management outside of the office environment, and it gives you the opportunity to show interest in the company and your coworkers. But attending work events is also a strategic move on your part, as you’ll be privy to office news from outside of your department.News could be a position that’s opening up due to someone leaving the company or getting a promotion themselves, which you can then use to pitch your qualifications for the job to department heads.


Seek Out New Opportunities

Take some time to do an analysis of the company and discover it’s weaknesses. If you have the skills and knowledge to improve the area that’s under performing, write a proposal for a position to solve the problem. Doing so could open up a new position for you, but at the very least it shows that you have initiative, motivation, and value to the company - all of which can help secure a promotion down the road. 


Summary: It’s All in the Attitude

With anything in life, getting the promotion means having the right attitude at your workplace. Always be polite to coworkers and management, smile, give credit where it’s due, and always do your best in whatever is assigned to you. For some people, work can be a dreary place to go to punch a clock and collect a pay check - don’t be that person. Be the person who enjoys going to work and takes pride in what you do.

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