A Secure and Stable Infrastructure with Managed IT Services
August 22nd, 2015 Matt McCue

IT is a complex and sometimes unforgiving necessity that, when working correctly, can increase your employee’s productivity and the company’s bottom line.

When a business reaches out to Tridacom for assistance in managing their IT infrastructure, the owner or manager of that company has taken the first step in insulating the organization from unexpected downtime or service disruptions.

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As all businesses embrace the advantages of technology, some disadvantages come with the package. One of the largest hurdles that must be overcome when a business begins to use a new system or technology is the learning curve that comes with any new purchase. IT is a complex and sometimes unforgiving necessity that, when working correctly, can increase your employee’s productivity and the company’s bottom line.

The more reliant on IT, the more potential problems can arise due to conflicts, upgrades, backups, mobile device integration, and telecommunications. A business owner shouldn’t have to worry about their IT investment working properly, troubleshooting issues, or managing the systems that the organization uses to operate. Focusing on these distractions ultimately reduces his ability to grow the business, the exact opposite of what the IT investment was purchased to do.
Outsourcing the IT management to a third-party company that specializes in Managed IT Services is a wise business decision that gives back in exponential ROI growth with increased productivity and a stable business network or infrastructure.

Secure and Stable Infrastructure

A Managed Service Provider will continually monitor a client’s network and infrastructure to ensure that the business is stable without the possibility of downtime. By monitoring the network in real-time, Tridacom and our team of IT professionals watch for any issues that may affect your business’ ability to operate.

A failure in your IT infrastructure can cripple the operational status of your organization, and potentially ruin the reputation of your business. Essential services such as telecommunication, email servers, operating systems or other IT component must be operational at all times so that your clients and employees can continue to grow the business and its revenue without disruption.

Our Managed Services clients enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing that Tridacom is working on their behalf to ensure that disruptions aren’t going to happen, and they can then focus on increasing the profits on their organization.

A stable network isn’t the only benefit of using Managed Service by Tridacom, our team of Security Experts are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that our clients’ networks and infrastructures are as secure as possible, with all of the latest security protocols. This includes firewalls, antivirus and malware scanning employees’ inboxes, installing updates and patches to operating systems, or any other necessary functions to protect your business.

Security breaches are becoming more and more frequent as hackers use known vulnerabilities and backdoor accesses found in outdated apps or operating systems. One of the best ways to protect your network is to ensure that the most current and up-to-date versions of software are running on your network. Patches and security updates are frequently bundled into newer versions of programs and operating systems to fix and remove any vulnerabilities that hackers may use to gain access to a network. Our team is alerted when a newer version becomes available, and proactively installs the updates when they become available so that you never miss a key update.

Fixed Price Subscriptions

Our clients enjoy the fact that our Managed Services are billed on a monthly subscription plan that they can budget the management and upkeep of their IT investment. With a fixed billing subscription that’s based on the amount of devices and machines, the complexity of your infrastructure, and the estimated workload of maintaining the network, our IT Consultants will provide you with the best possible price to manage your IT investment.

The price billed to our Managed Service clients is a fraction of the price of what an in-house IT employee or department would cost the organization. That’s because Tridacom has numerous Managed IT Services contracts, and we’re able to manage all of their networks at our data centre. With remote servicing and monitoring, we’re able to address most issues and tasks from our offices, reducing the need to make expensive on-site service calls.

With a monthly subscription that doesn’t fluctuate in price, our clients can plan and budget their annual costs and management of their IT infrastructure without that unexpected large bill which we’ve all received at one time.  

Expert Coverage

With the experience of managing and maintaining the IT investment of multiple businesses, our team of experienced IT experts have the knowledge and training to deal with any situation or issue that may arise. Some of our team members have more than 17 years in the IT industry, and during that time we’ve seen almost every possible problem, and were successful in troubleshooting and resolving whatever was causing the issue.

This means that when you subscribe for our Managed Services, your IT investment is in skilled and capable hands that have your best interests in mind.

Get Started with Managed Services by Tridacom

Managed Services by Tridacom can be an extremely beneficial part of your business’ operations, ensuring that your company is running a secure, stable, and optimized IT investment and network. Our team will be happy to discuss your IT infrastructure, the needs and goals of your organization, and how we can help your business grow.

Give us a call today for more information on Managed IT Services or any other IT or telecommunication service provided by Tridacom. We’re a 100% Canadian IT and Telecommunications company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver. Call 1-877-489-0123 for more information and to receive a no-cost consultation and quotation for your business.


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