How to Revive a Dormant Facebook Page
July 20th, 2015 Matt McCue

Reviving an abandoned or overlooked Facebook page isn’t a difficult task, provided you’re consistent in your efforts of posting frequently, and sharing info that your followers will find worthwhile.

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A dormant social media profile for your business may give the wrong impression about your organization, causing people to think it’s no longer in operation. 


Reviving an abandoned or overlooked Facebook page isn’t a difficult task, provided you’re consistent in your efforts of posting frequently and sharing info that your followers will find worthwhile. When you begin to revive your dormant page, the post visibility will be extremely low, and it will take some time to increase the post visibility. 


Create a Posting Schedule


The first step in reviving a Facebook Page for your business is to create a posting schedule which 

you’ll follow when uploading posts or finding content to share on your page. The objective of your schedule should be to give you a guideline that you’ll use to gradually increase the exposure of your posts. 

A good rule of thumb is to create a schedule with a different theme for each day of the week, and follow your schedule when planning the week’s worth of posts. 

For example, if you manage a Facebook page for a car mechanic you could do a schedule such as:


  • Monday - Car care tip
  • Tuesday - Amazing car video
  • Wednesday - Funny car meme
  • Thursday - Throwback Thursday #TBT featuring old car
  • Friday - Car safety tip
  • Saturday - Cars in the news
  • Sunday - Shared Instagram photo


A schedule like the example above will give the manager of the page a rough outline of things to look for when selecting the posts to share or upload, and it will likely reduce their time online searching for relevant posts. They’ll know what they need to be looking for, and will know what should be posted on any given day.


Sharing is Caring


When you’re looking for posts to add to your Facebook page, check the pages of some of the influencers of the industry which your page services. The car mechanic’s page manager may look for posts on NASCAR or General Motors, while a dog sitting service may share a Cesar Millan or Purina post. 

Your fans will enjoy a variety of different information, photos, and videos that touch on topics most relevant to your field of business without being too “salesy” or self-promotional about the items offered by your business. The likelihood of having some of your posts liked or shared may increase because you’re posting information that your fans should find useful or informative. 

The more likes and shares you receive, the more your posts will be visible. This is due to Facebook’s algorithm that only delivers posts to people who have recently interacted with the page. A good rule of thumb is to choose posts that have already received a lot of likes and shares on the page you’re sharing from. This will be a good indicator that people are responding positively to the post, which is the ultimate goal of the posts you share with your fans - especially when you’re reviving a dormant page that has few people seeing its posts.


Pay to Play?


When reviving your Facebook page, one of the tools that can kick-start the impression rate (the amount of people who are shown the posts) is a Sponsored Post, which you pay Facebook to push the post onto the news feeds of your fans (and/or their friends). 

For as a little as a couple dollars a day, you can pay to increase the visibility of a particular post, which should increase the likes and shares. Ultimately, this will help in your goal of reviving the page because you’re forcing the post to be seen by your fans. Choosing a post that you think will get lots of likes or comments is the ideal post to pay for, and you’ll have to test the waters with some different types of posts. This will get your impression rate to increase over time faster than posting without sponsoring them because you’re guaranteeing a higher visibility when you pay. Once someone interacts with your posts (likes, comments, shares), Facebook will then start to deliver your posts to their wall. If they continue to interact with your page’s posts, they’ll continue to receive your page’s posts, and their friends will receive notification that they interacted with your page - increasing the likelihood of them liking your page as well.




It may take a couple months of posts to get your page back up to healthy impression and interaction rates, but if you're consistent in following your posting schedule you should be able to notice a positive change. 

Once your page has been revived, your business should also notice a positive ROI on your Facebook efforts with more people visiting your website and/or physical location. 


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