Reduce the Stress Levels of Telecommuting Employees
April 1st, 2016

With a bit of planning and configuration prior to their deployment, you can ensure that remotely-based employees are armed with the same tools, data, and support network as all of the other employees on your payroll.

Many businesses have on the payroll telecommuting employees: employees who work from remote locations such as a home office or while on the road.

The coworkers that are based out of the office often think that the life of the telecommuter is one that is stress-free, given that they can work when and where they choose, but the physical distance between the telecommuting employee and the office can induce stress and anxiety for that employee.

With the telecommuting employee not physically in the workplace, they may feel that they’re missing out on the important business meetings and left out of the loop on project development status updates. One of the ways that you can help to relieve their anxieties is by taking advantage of teleconferencing features that come bundled with most VoIP for Business packages.

By planning scheduled meetings with your remote team member via teleconferences, with all team members are on the call, your remote employee will feel as though they’re part of the project’s development. Many different desktop conference call devices exist on the market today, and any of the VoIP models can easily be plugged into your office telecommunication network.

Remotely located employees should also have access to the same files updated in real time as the employees in your office. A Cloud-based storage system that automatically saves in real-time newer file versions is an office-space necessity that ensures that all employees never accesses an outofdate version of a document. Cloud-based storage systems are backed up and hosted remotely on servers by a third-party company, who leases out their server storage capabilities to other businesses. 

Installing on your VoIP network a dedicated phone number for your remote employee connects them to the rest of your employees, which makes inter-office communication a streamlined process, saving time and money. There are many VoIP phones available for your remote employee including models that connect to their computer via a USB connection, ideal for the employee working from their laptop. There are also applications for both Android and iPhone smart-´phones that can connect to any VoIP-based phone number. 

With a bit of planning and configuration prior to their deployment, you can ensure that they’re armed with the same tools, data, and support network as the other employees on your payroll. If you are unsure of how to implement any of the suggestions in this article, please contact Tridacom today for more information on any of the services mentioned above.

Our team of IT Consultants can develop a strategy for your telecommuting employees, ensuring that they’re digitally connected to the office. Tridacom is a Canadian IT and Telecommunications company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver. Call us today at 1-877-489-0123.

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