Network Recovery
June 3rd, 2016 Matt McCue

Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans can get your business back up and running within seconds or minutes, following a network systems crash.

Have you ever considered

worst case scenario, and how it could impact your business? Your IT and telecommunications network fails (for whatever reason), and your employees and clients can’t connect with each other.

Important data and files are inaccessible, and even worse is the fact that you’re unsure whether they’re corrupted or not. Any backups you had were on the network’s servers, which are useless and inoperable. This situation could cause lasting damage to the affected businessÍž its reputation could come under question which could negatively affect the revenue performance.

Luckily, this scenario could have been avoided with a set of Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery (NCDR) plans. These are planned recovery steps that are designed to keep a business operational during the worst case scenarios, either by taking advantage of redundancy systems and/or backup recovery discs. Depending on the scenario that the NCDR is combatting, the outlined steps and recovery procedures may differ in their order, further complicating an already stressful event.

To ensure that your employees don’t panic or freeze due to the monumental importance of the task at hand, having a resource which outlines exactly the steps they must take can save valuable time when it’s needed most. The set of NCDR plans are typically available and easily accessible in both hard copy (printed on paper in clearlylabeled binders) and in multiple digital locations which include Cloudstorage. When the unexpected occurs, your employees can quickly access the plans and find the relevant recovery plan for the situation they’re facing. With the recovery in hand, they can follow the stepbystep procedure to restore service. Many of the NCDR plans involve redundancy systems that are programmed to take over for the system they’re protecting should they detect complications or service failure. These action plans automatically engage and do not require any additional steps by your employees, however, we recommend that a manual check is carried out on scheduled intervals to ensure that the redundancy system is operational and ready to engage.

A NCDR can be something that you hopefully never have to use, but it’s something that you’re glad is there when the worst case scenario occurs. Without one, your business is held captive by the issue until you’re able to bring in professionals to assess the damage, and develop countermeasures to restore service. Sound expensive? Businesses without NCDR have gone under because the costs to recover the business coupled with the revenue loss and/or damaged brand can be too great to bounce back from.

Talk to us about an NCDR plan for your business, we’ve developed plans for businesses of all sizes in almost every business sector imaginable. Our team of IT Consultants have worked with IT departments, management, and C-Suite executives to develop NCDRs that protect from most situations.

To learn more about the NCDR plans that Tridacom has developed for our clients, please contact us today. A team member will discuss your business, its IT needs and requirements, and its future growth in order to develop an NCDR that fits your organization.

Call 1-877-489-0123 for more information on the NCDR plans or any other IT or telecommunication service offered by Tridacom.

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