Network Monitoring for Your Business
September 30th, 2015 Matt McCue

Downtime to your network can stall a business’ functionality, which can lead to a loss of revenue or a damaged brand reputation.

Any business which relies on an IT network or infrastructure must be able to rely on its stability for the daily operations of the organization. 

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One of the ways that a business can avoid costly outages is with Network Monitoring, the process of overseeing the operational status of a network with 24/7 coverage. When a business has their network monitored by Tridacom, we can guarantee an uptime that likely exceeds what the organization would be able to do by themselves.

Using Network Monitoring tools, Tridacom is able to oversee the operational status of your network by ensuring that any problematic issue is dealt with prior to any downtime it may cause. These proactive measures are designed to keep your infrastructure healthy and free of downtime or outages.

Problems such as an overloaded and/or crashed server can disrupt service to any number of operating systems and operations including email, website, CRM (customer relation management) tools, and databases. When these key processes go down, the efficiency of your business is undermined, which can cause your clients to seek new service providers (your competition).

Protecting your network from downtime is essential to the life of your business, and the best way to do this is with Network Monitoring. Tridacom uses external monitoring tools which continually check the online status of your network, and informs our technicians of any outage. We’re able to access your network externally from our data centre, and rectify the situation immediately, restoring your network to its operational status.

As with any technological device, issues are bound to arise that can disrupt service to your business and/or clients. Network Monitoring is available for your business to limit the affect on your business by proactively scanning for issues that could harm your operations.

Our team is notified via alerts to their devices to provide our clients with around the clock protection to their networks. When an alert comes in, our team members work to resolve the problem from their remote desktops or from our in-house data centre. Most issues can be rectified within minutes, often without your clients or employees noticing the outage.

This means that your employees can continue to work without disruption to their workflow; you clients can contact your team members at their convenience; and users of your service don’t experience unscheduled outages which can reduce their user experience.

To learn more about how Tridacom can monitor your organization’s network, please contact us today for more information. One of our Network Security specialists will discuss the needs of your business and develop a Network Monitoring plan that protects your business from downtime and outages.

Contact Tridacom today at 1-877-489-0123 to schedule a free consultation. Tridacom has offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver.


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