What are Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans?
May 21st, 2015 Matt McCue

Operating your business without a Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery plan in place is akin to driving a car without insurance. It’s something you don’t want to purchase, but when disaster strikes you’re always glad it’s there.

What are Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans?


Network Continuity (NC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) plans are essential for any business, protecting the business’ operations from power outages, server failures, loss of key personnel, data loss, viruses, etc.

Many businesses don’t have NC/DR plans in place for their systems - sometimes they’re overlooked when management delegates tasks or the costs aren’t justified as there’s no ROI, however, the costs of downtime can cripple a business’ revenue potential.

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Disaster recovery protects your operations from power outages caused by something as simple as a blown fuse or a natural disaster such as an earthquake. When the power goes out and your systems go down, your business can grind to a halt - disrupting service for your clients and employees.

Disaster recovery protects you from other unforeseen and unexpected issues such as server downtime or even a disgruntled employee who decides to cause damage to your files or data.

A Disaster recovery plan is a system in place that protects your business from worst-case scenarios. When a crisis happens, you need to have a plan in place an end-to-end contingency plan to get your business back to full operational status with minimal disruptions to service.

Tridacom is Your Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery Team

Tridacom’s Network Continuity planners are your business’ assurance that protect your systems with our secure servers and nationwide IP infrastructure. When crisis hits your business, our team of network continuity experts race to get your systems up and running - using the strictest disaster recovery protocols to restore service within minutes.

Working with your IT department, our network continuity experts ensure that your business is protected with the most secure applications and scalable capabilities. When your infrastructure and network systems are protected, the risk of downtime and service disruptions are minimized, and recovery times are kept to an absolute minimum.

A properly planned NC/DR plan will protect your business’ reputation and bottom line, which is the objectives of Tridacom’s network continuity team. Your business will be protected from:

  • Loss or theft of critical data
  • Loss of revenue
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Disgruntled employees seeking to cause your company damage
  • Litigation due to disruption of service
  • Human error
  • Viruses or malware

Contact Tridacom today for more information on Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery for your business. Our NC/DR experts can develop a plan for your company that will ensure that your business remains operational during the worst-case scenarios and crises.

Tridacom is a Canadian IT consultant and telecommunications company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver. We’re available to discuss your business at 1-877-489-0123.

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