How Mobile Employees Stay Connected
September 20th, 2015 Matt McCue

Technological advances available to your workforce can make it easy to remain connected to the people that matter, from any location in the world.

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Today’s workforce often has employees working outside the office. Telecommuting employees may work from home a couple days a week or have never set foot inside your office space. Travelling employees may be on the road for days or weeks on end, visiting overseas clients or production facilities. Regardless of their situation, each of these employees must be able to remain connected to their clients, coworkers, and management.


Technological advances available to your workforce can make it easy to remain connected to the people that matter, from any location in the world. The focus of this Tridacom article is to help you better understand how tools can be used by employees who work from remote locations, so they can remain connected to the important files and people that matter.


Collaboration Tools


Complex projects require any number of people working on a solution to bring an idea to fruition. Many times these people work from different locations, from in-house design teams to overseas production managers, each team member must be able to access the same files in real time.


Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Document Connection allow your team to share ideas, update files, and access data with real time changes. These tools give your remotely based employees the same access to data as the employees working down the hall from your office. With collaboration tools used by project team members, they can work without the hindrance of outdated files due to delayed file syncs.


Calling Remote Employees


One of the issues that travelling or telecommuting employees face is staying connected to their coworkers and clients when they’re away from the desk. Whether it’s having lunch down the street, working from home, or visiting a production facility in China, the employee must be able to be reached via phone at any time. One of the must useful ways that you can ensure your employees can be contacted is by switching from a legacy phone system to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system.


A VoIP phone line or extension can easily be forwarded to the employee’s mobile device so that they can remain in contact when someone calls their office line or extension. The call is automatically routed to their mobile device without the caller experiencing a delay or having to call a different number. This ensures that the caller can reach their intended recipient any time, any place.


Cloud-based Data Storage


Cloud-based data storage makes it easy for remote employees to access valuable data and information whenever it’s needed. They can log into the cloud-based server to retrieve information, files, and databases from any remote location with an Internet connection. Whether they’re at their home office or in a hotel room on another continent, they should be able to access the same data as your employees working in the office.

This allows them to work to their full potential so that they can continue to generate revenue for your organization regardless of their physical location.

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