IT Services for Small Businesses
August 2nd, 2016 Matt McCue

Small business owners who try to tackle their IT tasks alone soon find themselves in WAAAY over their heads.

Many owners of SMBs try to do it all themselves. They’re the jack-of-all-trades but masters at none.

They’re the ones who opt to do things themselves instead of outsourcing certain tasks to professionals, who think they can do it better and cheaper (except when you factor in your own time wasted with trial and error).
If this describes you, then you’re likely also the business owner who tries to be their own IT Manager as well. And that may be OK as you launch your business, but you may find yourself in way over your head as your business grows.
We’re going to discuss in this article exactly how you’re damaging your business by being your own IT department, and how having an IT Consultant on your payroll is one of those expenses that’s actually an investment in the future of your business.
First off, we’d like to congratulate you for doing for your business what many people couldn’t: Develop their own IT environment.
To get to this point likely meant a lot of late or sleepless nights as you try to figure out the exciting and mystifying world of IT, and all the many languages it contains. From HTML to javascript to network security, there is a lot to learn in order to be an efficient IT manager, and it’s impossible to do it on a parttime basis. But you were able to get it up and operational, and that’s a commendable feat.
With technology moving and evolving at the rate that it is, you just can’t know everything and do it all yourself. This is where the IT Consultant comes into play for your business. You can meet with your IT Consultant on your own terms, when you need their advice and guidance. They can provide you with the information and strategies you require to advance your business forward, without the payroll expense of a fulltime employee.
Many of the SMBs who take advantage of an IT Consultant only meet with a few times a year. The majority of the communication and work is done remotely, eliminating the need for expensive service calls. An IT Consultant will be concerned with the stability of the network, the security protocols that protect your data, planning IT purchases and development of the IT investment, and other managerial tasks associated with the IT department’s performance. They’ll direct your organization’s management team to ensure that your IT investment is working as a business tool, and not a burden for your employees to bear.
With hacks, malware/viruses, DDoS attacks, and data leaks making the business news on an almost daily basis, the need for your business to protect itself has never been greater. The fate of your business could rest in the hands of a hacker who has stolen your company’s data (think of Ashley Madison as an example) or a group of individuals who decide to target your company with DDoS attacks with the intent of harming your revenue.
Any those scenarios are reality for many businesses who operated with unprotected systems, or systems protected with older software versions. An IT Consultant, however, would have analyzed the IT environment of their client and made the necessary changes to increase security. By updating to the most current versions of security software and integrating additional layers of protection with the most uptodate protocols, an IT Consultant is the best option to protecting your organization.
Tridacom is a Canadian company that specializes in telecommunication and IT Services, including IT Consulting. Our roster of clients range from SMB to enterpriselevel organizations throughout Canada and outside her borders, and we are eager to work with your organization as IT Consultants.

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