Selecting the Ideal IT Consultants for Your Business
July 14th, 2015 Matt McCue

Each business has different needs and requirements, which can make choosing the right IT Consultants a difficult task.

Just as your organization has specific requirements and necessities, so does any IT Consultant, which means finding the right one for your company is important in terms of a suitable match.

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When selecting IT Consultants for your company, you should be asking yourself important questions that can help narrow down the selection of suitable candidates to work with. The goal of this Tridacom article is to assist you in the selection process, to ensure that your organization has chosen the IT Consultant that best fits your company’s goals and organizational structure.

Does size matter? When you’re reviewing the different IT Consultants available to hire for your company, does the size of their organization matter to you? An independent IT Consultant who works alone on a freelance basis with a couple other clients may not be the most suitable candidate for your business depending on the size of your organization and workload. Conversely, a large multinational organization that has an IT Consultant department may be too large for your business if your organization doesn’t have the budget to make your company valuable enough to the IT Consultant.

Finding the right sized company to hire as your IT Consultant will ensure that your organization will receive adequate care and attention, so that you can continue to grow your company and its revenue stream.

Is around the clock service important? Some organizations and businesses turn off the lights and go home in the early evening and don’t resume operations until the following morning, while others continue to work around the clock. Depending on your company’s work schedules and timetable, you may or may not require an IT Consultant that offers 24/7 coverage. If your organization doesn’t operate in the evenings and weekends, why pay for coverage that you’ll never need?
But if your company and employees wors around the clock, or has machines and operating processes that do, you’ll need to ensure that your IT Consultant is available when you need them. This means that you’ll be looking for IT Consultants with 24/7 coverage to protect your business’ from downtime - even at 4:00 on a Sunday morning.

Does your business need regional, national, or international coverage? Depending on where your business is physically located will be a huge factor in deciding on who to hire as your IT Consultant, because you’ll need them to be available to do on-site troubleshooting or repairs should something happen to one of your servers or machines. And if your company has multiple locations in different regions or countries, you’ll want to find an IT Consultant company with service personnel in the same areas.

Should the IT Consultant have their own Data Centre? An IT Consultant with their own data centre with their own servers makes it possible for them to store backups of your files at their location, which makes it easy for them to restore your data in the event of data loss.

Whether or not the IT Consultant has their own data centre should be another huge factor in deciding who to hire. This will separate the small, independent consultants from the professionals with the IT investment to properly protect your business from expensive data loss that could potentially damage your organization’s reputation and/or revenue stream.

Experience pays, but should it be expensive? Just as you look to hire the employee with the right experience, the same criteria should be considered when selecting the right IT Consultant. Your ideal candidate should have the relevant experience and expertise in Information Technology to provide your company with the proper coverage - all at a reasonable price that your organization can afford.

About Tridacom

Tridacom is a 100% Canadian company which specializes in IT Consulting and Telecommunications for businesses of all sizes. Our team members, consisting of IT professionals who have been working in the Information Technology sector since the 1990s, are familiar and experienced in working with all operating systems, servers, and machines.

With offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver, our nationwide, 24/7 coverage is ideal for the companies with multiple locations in Canada - or an organization located in one of the cities we service. We’re large enough to handle enterprise-sized corporations, and able to provide smaller companies with the level of service that they deserve.

In addition to our IT Consulting, we also offer other IT services such as Virtualization which optimize your server’s capabilities, Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans to get your company back online when disaster strikes, plus VoIP and Virtual PRI telephony services that keep your operational costs at a minimum.

We have our own data centres which our clients can use to decrease the workload on their own machines, store backups, and have essential processes hosted remotely with us. When your essential processes are hosted by us at our data centres, you’ll never have to worry about downtime affecting your reputation and delivery of service. Our data centres are equipped with the most current security features that will make sure your data and processes are protected and safe from hackers, viruses, and malware.

Find out more about how Tridacom and our team of IT Consultants can help your business grow and succeed by calling 1-877-489-0123. We have helped countless Canadian companies achieve their goals and grow their revenue by improving processes and optimizing IT investments, and we look forward to discussing the IT needs of your business.

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