IT Consultants Provide Bulletproof Protection for Your Company's Data
May 27th, 2015 Matt McCue

Tridacom's IT Consultants analyze your systems, machines, and network so that your IT investment is protected with the most current updates, security measures, and data protection processes.

As your company grows, expanding your IT investment may be a necessary task for your company in order to remain competitive and fully operational. But it’s important to make sure that your current IT infrastructure is compatible with any new systems or machines that may be added cause conflicts with incompatible advancements in technology.

Optimize Your IT Investment

One of the key services that Tridacom offers to our clients is IT Consulting, to help business managers and C-Suite execs understand the current and future trends in technology, and advise them on which systems and machines they should consider when upgrading their IT investment.

Tridacom is a Canadian company with a nationwide infrastructure and network, giving our clients and customers the protection, coverage, and service they require in order to compete with international or multinational companies. As an IT Consultant provider, our clients include some of Canada’s companies that compete on a global market, as well as regional companies that operate in cities or provinces across the country.

When your company’s IT assets begin to grow old or don’t fulfill the needs of the company, your systems may need to be updated or replaced so that your IT investments continue to perform at their peak performance levels. Our IT Consultants will devise a plan for your current IT investments, taking into consideration your company’s future goals and plans so that your systems will continue to operate for your company as it should - fast and efficient.

Bulletproof Protection for Your Information and Data

In addition to consulting on IT purchases, Tridacom’s IT Consultants can structure your network and infrastructure so that it’s secure from intrusions, hacks, and malware.

Your company’s data and information is at risk when older and outdated systems are used, which can make it easier for hackers and malware to enter your system in order to corrupt or steal your data. Data loss and security breaches can cost your company in lost revenue or trade secrets, which a competitor can use to harm or cripple your business.

When this happens, the financial cost can be measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, not including the damage to the brand’s reputation.

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Our IT Consultants will analyze your systems, machines, and network so that your IT investment is protected with the most current updates, security measures, and data protection processes.

We’ll backup your files onto our secure data centre, and create a Network Continuity plan to protect your organization from system failure or data loss. In the event that an unexpected crisis, DDoS attack (denial of service), failure due to human error, or any other unforeseen problem, your systems and information will be protected and back to operational status within minutes.

With offices in downtown Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton, as well as an office in Regina, our IT Consultant teams are available to service your company and any of its field offices. Find out if your IT investment should be updated with more security features and functionality, and whether some of the machines your company’s network and infrastructure need to be replaced or retired.

We’ll give you the most cost-effective and competitive analysis - with options to use our data centre when available so that your company’s IT department’s operational costs are kept to a minimum.

Call us today at 1-877-489-0123 for more information on how to improve your IT investment’s performance and reliability.

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