Invest in Your Career: Learn Something New
September 2nd, 2015 Matt McCue

Invest in yourself, your career, and your future by learning new languages and skills.

Improving your skills and knowledge is an integral aspect of increasing your value within your workplace, and could lead to a promotion or raise. If you’re motivated to learn something new, there are lots of free and almost free online courses that you can take in your spare time. 


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One of the recent trends in education is top universities opening some of their courses to the internet, which anyone with a computer and an internet connection can enrol at no cost. Recording tutorials and uploading course reading that students enrolled at the college are taught, you’re able to learn the same thing they are, at your own pace.


One of the largest and most comprehensive online learning centres is < ahref="" target="_blank">, which has courses from Ivy-league universities including McGill, UBC, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Yale. Each of the courses are free to enrol, yet some come with accreditation ($50 service charge), which provide you with a certificate upon successful completion. Use the certificate to show your employer, add to your resume, or hang on your wall.


With today’s globalization, outsourcing, and overseas production, learning a new language is an excellent way to increase your worth at your place of employment. You can learn a new language with the online tutorial, which offers 13 different languages that you can learn for free. Duolingo uses flashcards, audio clips, and videos to teach, and when you complete a level you can add your completed languages to your LinkedIn profile.

Another online learning centre is, which offers more than 750 online courses from universities such as Stanford, Oxford, MIT, Yale, and others. While the courses are free, you cannot receive accreditation as you can with Course topics include psychology, accounting, business, chemistry, engineering, marketing, and more.


By taking some of these free courses, you’re bound to increase your worth within your company and chances of getting a promotion or a raise. You can learn new skills and knowledge in your free time when the kids are asleep or when you’re on the train to work (by downloading the videos to your tablet or phone). Whichever site you decide to use, you’re investing in yourself, your career, and your future.

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