The Importance of Redundancies
September 15th, 2015 Matt McCue

Your business must be able to withstand and overcome any technical difficulties that may arise so that your operations can proceed without disruptions. In order for this to happen, redundancies must be in place with ‘Plan B’s’ to navigate through any crisis.

The technology that is used to run your business can be affected by any number of situations that could disable your network or crash your systems. Each of these situations may have dire consequences for your bottom line, and in some cases can bring legal action against your organization.


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Your business depends on any number of technological systems to operate smoothly, from email servers to collaboration networks that allow your employees to work on projects to databases and CMS (customer management systems), each of which are essential to the operational status of your company.


Should one or more of these systems go down, your business simply cannot operate to its full potential. Clients can’t connect to your network or get in touch with your team; employees can’t access their email; or worse. Any of these failures can affect your bottom line and the reputation you worked so hard to grow.


One of the ways that you can safeguard your business from downtime is with a Network Continuity and Data Recovery (NCDR) plan. Simply put, a NCDR is a backup plan that has been developed to get your network back up to operational status when a crisis presents itself.


A NCDR plan may be:


  • A backup of your data and files that you can use to restore when a server crashes;
  • A secondary ISP (internet service provider) that you rely on when your primary connection drops;
  • Cloud-hosted servers which kick in when your data centre fails;
  • Your employees mobile devices that can be used if your PBX (private branch exchange) fails;


Any of these systems can keep your business moving when a problem arises that cripples an essential operational function that your and your employees rely on to carry out the business and/or its services.


With NCDR plans in place that provide you and your team with actions that can quickly recover and reinstate your systems or data, you’re able to ensure operational status of your business within seconds or minutes, rather than days or weeks.


Tridacom has developed NCDR plans for many different companies, each with different needs and systems. With a redundancy plan in place for your business’ key systems and data, you’re able to work through the most dire situation that can arise. Whether it’s a dropped Internet connection or a server meltdown, Tridacom has a plan that can get your business back up to full operational status within minutes.


Our team of IT Professionals have provided our clients with plans for every business size, from a small business with cloud-hosted systems to enterprise-level companies with their own data centre.


With team members having more than 17 years of experience in the IT sector, Tridacom has dealt with every possible situation, and we have the knowledge to develop a NCDR for your business. A redundancy plan in place for your organization means you have one less thing to worry about.


With the peace-of-mind that a NCDR provides you, its ROI can be calculated by measuring revenue loss multiplied by the downtime your organization would experience without a NCDR plan.


Can your business survive with a crashed email system or servers, which could last for a number of days or weeks?


Would your clients stay with your company when they cannot access the services you provide, or would they run to your competitors?


A NCDR plan developed by Tridacom would ensure that your business would get back online within the shortest amount of time possible, often undetectable by your employees or clients. This means that your operation can continue to operate when businesses without a NCDR are left in the dark.


To learn more about Network Continuity and Data Recovery plans developed by Tridacom, please contact us for more information. We will discuss options with you that can provide you with the peace-of-mind with the fact that your business is protected from the unforeseen and unexpected.


Any technology can fail at the worst possible time; don’t let your business be crippled by an issue that can be resolved with a backup plan. Let Tridacom assist your organization to navigate through the unexpected with a NCDR plan, which will keep your business working through crises.


Tridacom is a 100% Canadian IT and Telecommunications company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver. Call us today at 1-877-489-0123 to learn more about Network Continuity and Data Recovery plans.



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