Frequently Asked Questions About Managed IT Services
July 22nd, 2015 Matt McCue

Managed IT Services encompasses all aspects of technology from data security, firewall protection, software updates, and maintenance of IT investments (servers, desktop machines, mobile devices).

Frequently Asked Questions About Managed IT Services


With technology placing more demands on businesses with each passing year, the Managed IT Services field has become one of the fastest growing services companies are taking advantage of. 

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Managed IT Services encompasses all aspects of technology from data security, firewall protection, software updates, and maintenance of IT investments (servers, desktop machines, mobile devices). The companies which offer Managed IT Services range from freelancers to multinational organizations, including the Canadian company Tridacom.


Tridacom has been offering Managed IT Services to our clients for a number of years, and our portfolio of clients has continued to grow as businesses discover the advantages of outsourcing their IT needs to us.

During our consultations and analysis of clients' needs, we have heard a few questions that are repeatedly asked by office managers and business owners, and we're taking this opportunity to address them in this article. 


We have an IT Department, why should we use Managed IT Services? 

This is the most frequently asked question that we hear, and it makes sense that people ask it. An in-house IT Department is frequently found in mid- to large-sized companies, and the presence of an in-house IT Department doesn’t make Managed IT Services any less of a business advantage. 

When your business has the maintenance and upkeep of its IT Investment outsourced to Tridacom via our Managed IT Services, your IT Department personnel can work on revenue generating tasks and projects. Your business can use to enter new markets or increase a competitive advantage over other companies in the same industry. When your IT employees aren’t burdened with the tasks of maintenance and upkeep, they have more time to devote to the tasks which can earn your company additional revenue.


Why does Managed IT Services cost less than I expected?

One of the ways that Managed IT Services can reduce the cost of operational expense of your IT Investment is with licensing fees of operating systems and programs. Tridacom purchases or leases operating systems and programs to be used by all of our clients, and the bulk purchasing power afforded by multiple licensees reduces the licensing fees of the programs and operating systems installed on our clients’ machines. 

Another way that Tridacom keeps the cost of Managed IT Services as competitive as possible is that our team is managing multiple clients’ systems at once. That means that we’re able to have our team overseeing our clients’ systems at our offices via our system analysis portal, which actively assesses and analyses all of our clients at once. It alerts us when a problem is detected or discovered, and we’re able to troubleshoot before it becomes an issue for our client.


Do you need to be on-site to fix a problem?

Typically most problems and issues are dealt with before they cause our clients downtime or service issues, which means that we’re able to solve the problem remotely from our offices and/or data centre, without the need for a service call to your location. There are situations that may occur where we’re needed on-site at your location, but that is usually when a machine or server malfunctions and requires hands-on work to resolve the problem. Most of the time we’re able to work on any issue or maintenance task from our data centre, which eliminates the inconvenience and expense of a service call. 


How is our data security protected with Managed IT Services?

One of the most frequently ways that hackers gain access to a company’s data and information is through antiquated operating systems and programs, which may have a backdoor or can be compromised. 

Tridacom’s team of IT Professionals reduce the risk of a hack by continually updating operating systems, apps, and programs to the most current versions, which reduce the chance of a hacker gaining access. 

We also install onto all of your machines and devices the most secure firewalls and security protocols available, so that your data is as secure as possible. When fully protected, it’s much harder for hackers and viruses to gain access onto your systems, reducing the chance of damage or data theft.



When your company is a Tridacom Managed IT Service client, we’re working 24/7 to ensure that your business is protected and secure from hackers. We update and optimize your IT operating systems so that they’re as protected as possible from malware, trojan horses, viruses, and hackers. 

We’re also monitoring your systems, looking for any issue or problem that may arise and cause downtime or loss of service. When our team notices something that isn’t acceptable, we rush to resolve the problem before you or your employees or clients notice something wrong. 


About Tridacom’s Managed IT Services

Our team of IT Consultants has been working with companies of all sizes throughout Canada for a number of years, and our experience and expertise in IT Consulting and Managed IT Services will ensure that your company is protected and operational, without experiencing any downtime or data breach due to out of date software or operating systems. We work in coordination with in-house IT Department teams to reduce their workload so that they can work on projects and tasks that are beneficial to the company’s growth. 


Tridacom is a Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver. Our team of IT Consultants and Professionals have continual access to our data centre, which is equipped with the most current machines, operating systems, and security features. 

For more information on Tridacom and any of our IT Services, please contact us today for more information. Call 1-877-489-0123 to speak to one of our IT Professionals, and receive a no-cost consultation and estimate for Managed IT Services for your business.


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