Finding Your Next Employees with Facebook
May 7th, 2015 Matt McCue

Employees wasting their workday away on Facebook may not be something to “Like”, but the social network’s ad targeting can help you find your next office superstar.

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Social media is likely one of the distractions in your office lowers the productivity in your employees, but it’s also a great tool to find your next great hire.

Your business likely uses its Facebook page to generate new business and clients, promoting existing products and services, but have you thought about its usefulness in finding a new employee?

With competitive job markets in the business sector, it’s often difficult to reach the ideal employee to fill your organization’s vacancy. Advertising your job posting can be an expensive task when using trade or business magazines to promote your hiring campaign, and it may be hard to justify the ad space costs if you’re only filling one position.

Get Creative With Your Hiring Practices

Creative human resource departments are now turning to Facebook to advertise job postings, and they’re paying a fraction of the costs that an ad in a magazine would charge. Working with your social media manager, your company’s Human Resources can expand its new hire search on Facebook, using the targeted advert functionality.

Human Resources and the social media manager can write a post that describes the role, its responsibilities, some information about your organization, and select a photo that that will catch the attention of your ideal candidate.

It’s also a good idea to mention how you want the applicants to contact your company. If you want them to email your HR department, include the email in your post. If you don’t want any phone calls, mention that as well.

Targeting the Ad to Increase Its Potential

Once you’re ready to post your job listing, create the post on your business’ Facebook page, and use the targeting options that appear as a drop-down menu when you click on the target icon (very right icon below the text field). Look for the text, “set a News Feed audience for this post”. When the drop-down menu appears, it gives you the following choices:

  • Gender
  • Relationship Status
  • Educational Status
  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Interests
  • Post End Date

When creating the post, refine the audience to only show it to people who speak the language you want the employee to speak. Facebook adverts use CPM (cost per thousand impressions) to calculate costs of advert campaigns, and you don’t want to waste any money showing their advert to people who didn’t fit the ideal employee profile.  

Then select the location that you want the ad to be shown in. We recommend that the targeting selected is the area that the new hire will be working in, but you could increase the area if you’re willing to have the employee telecommute, or you think that they’ll move to be closer to your operations.

Drill-Down by Interests

Narrowing the audience so that your ad will show only to those with interests relating to the job position. The interests that appear will be other pages, locations that they may have checked-into, or general interests.

Tip: You can add your the names of competitors if you’re hoping to headhunt employees from a business competitor.

Once you have selected the advert’s target audience, click on Boost to select the budget of the ad campaign.

Small Audience, Small Budget

With such a select target, your advert’s audience is going to be relatively small. This is OK because your ideal hire is a small niche - and you’re saving money on ad spend by only showing the ad to those people who fit your new hire’s profile.

When selecting a budget for the advert, your social media manager may notice that there isn’t any difference in the amount of impressions the advert would receive with $5 or $10 as the daily ad spend budget. It’s likely that $5 a day is a sufficient ad budget, given that the target audience is relatively small.

Within a few hours the advert will be approved, and responses should start to come in from people who have seen your advert. Give the advert some time to be shown to enough people and apply for the job before you discontinue the campaign. Ask your HR department to let your social media manager know when enough applications have been submitted, and then pause the campaign .

If you don’t find the right person the first time around, try something different with the advert’s copy and target audience, and repeat the process.


This article was provided by Tridacom IT Solutions Inc as general information for our existing and potential clients. All advertising efforts should be carefully reviewed and evaluated by you and qualified professionals of your choosing. We ask that you do your due diligence in order to make an informed decision before launching any advertising campaigns.

You will advertise solely at your own risk realizing that either small or significant losses may occur. Further, we do not guarantee the performance of any advertising method. You utilize them at your own risk.

This publication is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. The views expressed on this page are the author’s and are not endorsed in any way by Facebook.

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