These Frequently Asked Questions are designed to help you get a basic understanding of our phone services and systems. Should you have any additional questions you can not find the answer to, please do not hesitate to contact our team at

What is VoIP?
VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This technology allows you to use your high-speed internet connection as a phone line too. Our VoIP service allows you to save on home and business phone service.

It works just like your existing phone service and you can keep your existing phone number. Plus you can enjoy a ton of free features like voice mail, caller ID and much, much more.

How does VoIP Work?

There are several different methods to connecting to VoIP services. The two most common to obtain traditional residential and business telephone services are through an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), Media Gateway, or more directly through an Internet Protocol (IP) Phone. Each method is effective – however, the best product depends on your specific needs.

Analog Telephone Adapter or Media Gateway connections are most beneficial for those with existing telephone systems, such as residential and established business clients. Whereas IP Phone technology will greatly benefit those looking to upgrade their business systems to a multi line service, or upgrade technology.

These devices take your phone conversation and convert them in to digital signals that can be transmitted over the Internet to us so that we can send and receive calls to your regular phones.

What features are included?

Tridacom offers 25+ standard calling features on all monthly service plans at no additional charge. For a complete list of all plans, standard calling features and their descriptions, click here.

Additional add-on features are also available with your Tridacom monthly service plans. For information on additional add-ons that are available view our plans and features here.

Is there a contract-term with Tridacom Service?

All of Tridacom’s standard services are month-to-month with no contract. If you are not satisfied with Tridacom service, you may simply leave at anytime by notifying Tridacom.

If you subscribed to a promotional plan, you may have a contract term associated to your account. Please review the promotion’s terms and conditions prior to subscribing.

Does Tridacom provide a guarantee?
Tridacom is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service. In order to this we have developed our Service Guarantee.
Do I need special on-site equipment?

Yes, to utilize the Tridacom monthly services you will require an adapter or media gateway that will allow you to convert a regular phone to VoIP to transmit your calls over the Internet. When signing up for our service, we will provide you the option to purchase the equipment for the number of lines you are looking to activate on Tridacom. If you purchase the equipment from Tridacom, we will configure and setup your equipment prior to shipping it to you so that when you receive it you will just need to plug it in.

If you already have existing equipment that you purchased, Tridacom will provide you the settings to enter in to your equipment to begin using your Tridacom service once your account is activated.

Do I need a special Internet connection?
In order to access Tridacom services, you require a broadband Internet Connection such as cable or DSL.
Will Tridacom come to my home or business to install my service?
Tridacom provides Professional Installation services to both residential and businesses as an available add-on that may be purchased. For more information on our Professional Installation services, please contact us at
Can I keep my existing telephone number?

Yes, you can keep your existing telephone number provided you are within our coverage area.

Transferring your phone number can typically take five business days. Tridacom will issue you a temporary number until the phone number is successfully transferred to Tridacom. That way you can start using your service immediately by simply call forwarding your existing phone number to the temporary number. Once your number is transferred we will automatically assign it to your account and provide you email confirmation that your number has been transferred so that you can call your existing phone company to close your account. DO NOT CANCEL YOUR PHONE SERVICE until we have provided you confirmation that we have successfully transferred your account.

If you currently have DSL Service on your telephone line that you want to move to Tridacom, you will be required to unbundle your Internet service from your phone line prior to asking us to move the number. For more information please see the question: How do I unbundle my telephone line from my DSL Service to move my number to Tridacom?

How do I unbundle my telephone line from my DSL Service to move my number to Tridacom?
If your Internet connection depends on your telephone line, contact your telecom provider and request an unbundled DSL or ‘dry/naked’ loop, without cancelling your existing telephone line. Your provider will assign a new telephone number to your DSL connection leaving your existing telephone number on a standalone line. Your telephone number is now ready to be switched to Tridacom!
If I have a technical problem, what should I do?

Tridacom provides our customers multiple ways to contact us if they are having any issues with their Tridacom Service. To contact support please follow one of the methods below:

How do I know my Internet Speed and if I have enough for Tridacom Service?

There are multiple free websites that exist on the Internet to check your connection speed to the Internet. Tridacom recommends utilizing to test your Upload and Download speeds of your Internet Connection.

To qualify for Tridacom service requirements, we recommend having at least 256 Kbps upload and 512 Kbps download available. Tridacom leverages voice compression when available which require a minimum of 32 Kbps download and upload per phone line. When voice compression is unavailable, we require approximately 90 Kbps download and upload per phone line.

Please note that utilizing an Internet speed test will test your current Internet connection speeds, and these may change depending on your Internet provider’s capacity and congestion on their network.

What are your international calling rates?
We offer extremely competitive International rates when you subscribe to a Tridacom Monthly Service Plan. To get the most up-to-date International calling rates contact us at
Can I use the Internet while I'm on the phone? Does my computer need to be turned on?

Yes, Tridacom service works independent of your Computer System, simply install the Tridacom telephone adapter following the instructions provided when you received it, and begin making calls.

If you are downloading or uploading large amounts of data such as large files, videos, music or peer-to-peer connections (such as BitTorrent) you could be utilizing majority of your bandwidth which could quality issues in your Tridacom service. If you experience quality issues, please verify that you are not transferring large amounts of data over your Internet connection prior to contacting support.

If I switch Internet Providers does it affect my phone?
Tridacom’s service is compatible with most high speed Internet providers. If you switch Internet providers, simply review the setup guide, plug in your Tridacom phone adapter and you can start to make and receive calls on your new Internet provider.
If I do not have power or Internet will I still be able to dial 911?

Unfortunately, no, if you do not have electricity or if you are without an Internet connection then you will not have access to 911 emergency services.

If you are in an area that has frequent power interruptions, plug your high speed DSL/Cable modem, your Tridacom phone adapter and your phone (if electric) into an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). These are available at most computer/electronic stores. For more information on our 911 Service, please review our 911 Service Information.

I have a monitored alarm system; will it work with Tridacom service?

Tridacom may not be compatible with some home alarm systems that are set up to automatically contact central monitoring stations. Tridacom does not guarantee that Tridacom will work as the connection between alarm systems and monitoring stations. Tridacom will not provide technical support to this type of connection. In the event of power outages or disruptions in internet service, Tridacom and any devices dependent upon Tridacom connectivity will not work.

We suggest speaking with your alarm monitoring company prior to subscribing to Tridacom services.