Why Tridacom is Edmonton's Trusted IT Consultant Team
June 25th, 2015 Matt McCue

When your IT investment is working at its optimal levels, your company will see a higher ROI associated with your IT department and investment.

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Tridacom is a trusted team of IT Consultants in Edmonton, with a focus on building lasting relationships with our clients. With more than 17+ years of experience in IT, we have helped our clients achieve more with their existing IT investment.

As your organization grows and expands its network, problems may arise with the network infrastructure. The ability to optimize and increase performance of your systems and network so that it can continue to function with a higher workload is essential to getting the most from your machines and operating systems.

Edmonton IT Consultants with the Right Solutions

A skilled IT Consultant will be able to look at your existing setup, and devise a plan which will optimize its performance and extend its lifecycle so that you can continue use your IT investment for years to come. Our Edmonton office has been integral in helping Albertan companies increase their productivity and workflow by optimizing the performance of their IT systems and machines.

Optimizing performance may include upgrades to the operating systems so that your company’s data is protected and secure with the highest levels of encryption and security measures. Our team of IT Consultants can also develop a Network Contingency and Disaster Recovery plan to protect your company in the event that something happens to the network, internet service provider’s signal, or machine failure. A plan that has a redundancy in place for most any emergency or disaster will keep your business operational without disruption.

Put the Burden on our IT Consultants

Businesses in Edmonton with an IT Department can take advantage of Tridacom’s Managed Services, which puts the burden of maintenance and troubleshooting in our skilled hands. This frees up your IT employees’ time so that they can work on revenue generating projects for your organization, instead of focusing on the upkeep of your IT investment. When your IT employees are working on projects that will push your business into new markets or offer new services, you can better measure the ROI of their efforts when they’re working on projects that will earn the company money.

We can help relieve the stress on your servers by having key processes and data hosted on our servers, which will help reduce the workload and bandwidth of your company’s network. We can also create Virtual Servers within your existing machines, which increases their productivity by creating multiple virtual servers within an individual machine. This allows one individual machine to run multiple operating systems, processes, and tasks simultaneously - without having to purchase additional machines.

Increase the ROI of Your IT Investment

Tridacom’s IT Consultants are based in downtown Edmonton, with access to our nationwide network infrastructure and data centre. When your IT investment is working at its optimal levels, your company will experience a higher ROI because you can continue to use existing machines with an extended lifecycle. This means that your legacy machines can operate for longer, with lower operating and maintenance costs associated with their upkeep.

To learn more about Tridacom’s IT Consultants and the services we offer Edmonton businesses, please call us today at 1-877-489-0123. We are a 100% Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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