Custom Software Development for Business
August 14th, 2015 Matt McCue

Whether your business is a logistics company, restaurant, medical office or anything in between, the backbone of your company is likely to be IT.

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All businesses today require software and technology to make them work. Whether your business is a logistics company, restaurant, medical office or anything in between, the backbone of your company is IT.

Each company is a unique entity with an entirely different needs and requirements, which can make purchasing off-the-shelf software a challenge. Not all software is flexible to meet the needs of its various clientele, which can make "cookie-cutter" software difficult to implement in your business environment. As your business grows you’ll want software that will be scalable to meet the growing workload necessary to keep your company moving forward.

Custom Software Development can act as the bridge between the off-the-shelf software and your ever-changing company’s requirements. Custom software that is developed specifically for your company is designed to be paired perfectly with your business and its exact requirements.

Any business typically uses multiple software packages, some of which may not work perfectly with each other, creating software conflicts that can impede your business efficiency or employee’s workflow. Software should be helpful for your business, making things easier for you and your employees, but software conflicts can make their workload more difficult as they juggle or navigate through the workarounds. A custom software may be designed to patch the conflicts to ensure that there are no confusing software conflicts to bypass. This means that the software will be designed with the goal of eliminating the conflicts between software from different vendors.

One the Tridacom team of software developers create your custom software, it will be backed by our lifetime support for updates and troubleshooting. If the software is designed to patch conflicts, future updates from the software vendors could create new conflicts which may need new patched to be built into your software. If the vendors decide to discontinue the software you purchased from them or they go out of business, you may be stuck with software that isn’t updated to meet current security protocols. Updates of other software you use in conjunction with the discontinued software may cause conflicts in the future, and would require additional updates to your custom software.

The Tridacom team will analyze the latest updates to the software you’re using, and look for any potential conflicts that may occur within your IT environment. We’ll develop updates for your custom software to ensure your IT investment is running smoothly without conflicts that can negatively affect your business and revenue.

For more information on Custom Software Development by Tridacom, please contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Our team have developed custom software for Canadian companies of all sizes in every industry imaginable, and our experience and expertise can get your company’s IT investment working to its full potential.

Call Tridacom today at 1-877-489-0123 and we’ll be happy to meet with you and your IT department to develop a solution for your business.

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