The Costs of Downtime
May 13th, 2015 Matt McCue

Downtime is a costly problem for your business. Failure and disrupted service cause a loss of revenue and customers, but downtime is completely avoidable.

The costs of downtime
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When your network systems fail the ripple effect can be felt by all departments within your organization. Employees can’t access important files, customers are left waiting, and your IT department scramble to troubleshoot and resolve the issues. Depending on the problems, the downtime can be measured in minutes, days, or even weeks without service. The longer your systems are down, the more it costs your business lost revenue.

Your business is at risk when it’s without a clear solution for preventing downtime due to system failure, infrastructure upgrades, or compromised security. One of the most cost-effective solutions for preventing downtime is with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), a third-party company that monitors and analyses your systems to foresee and prevent downtime.

Tridacom is a Canadian company that specializes in Managed IT Services for businesses of all sizes. Our technicians have the experience to protect your company’s bottom-line from being hit with downtime, and our team have successfully insulated our clients’ network infrastructure from unnecessary risks that could disrupt service.

With companies spending up to 70 percent of IT budgets on maintenance and operations, the move from in-house IT departments to Managed Services is a sound business decision that reduces operational costs and increases performance. Tridacom uses the most current tools and procedures to ensure that our clients are protected at all times - and our monitoring alerts our support team whenever a problem is detected.

This proactive approach to IT means that we’re often ahead of an issue that could cause downtime, and we work to solve the problem before your system is affected. Our methodology is the exact opposite of a typical IT department’s - they’re trained to troubleshoot and fix any problems after they have caused the downtime to your systems.

With a system that’s down the ability for your employees to function at their full capacity is crippled, causing a loss of revenue for your organization. And the longer your system is down, the more money you’re losing to a failure that could have been avoided by switching to one of the managed service packages offered by Tridacom.

Causes of Downtime

Downtime can often be attributed to one of these more common reasons:

  • Human error
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Deploying new IT capabilities
  • Hacked network
  • Incompatible processes
  • Outdated software and hardware

Tridacom audits your complete system to check for any vulnerabilities, and our team of IT technicians work with your in-house technicians (when available) to ensure that your system is protected and working to its full potential.

We actively monitor and run regular system checks that tell us about any problems before they cause downtime - so that your business operations run without disruption or delays. As a result your customers experience a greater delivery of your services - and your employees can concentrate on growing your business.

Contact Tridacom today to discuss your company’s needs, and we’ll explain in detail how our Managed Services will improve your business’ performance and productivity. Call us today at 1-877-489-0123 to arrange a free consultation for your organization’s Managed IT sSrvices.

Tridacom has offices in Edmonton, Toronto, Regina, and Vancouver.

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