How the Cloud is Changing Business
June 16th, 2015 Matt McCue

Companies that rely on Cloud-hosted systems and applications have greater flexibility to grow and expand the business.

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The “Cloud” has made very big changes to the way business operates, and its effect will continue to shape the evolution of the way companies store and access their data.

As a service provider of Cloud-based operations and data storage, Tridacom understands first-hand how the Cloud is making it easier for our clients to grow their business. By making it easier for employees to access important company data to connecting with clients and coworkers located anywhere in the world, companies that rely on Cloud-hosted systems and applications have greater flexibility to grow and expand the business.

One of the main reasons that Cloud-based applications have been so well received by businesses of all sizes (including small businesses) is that the cost to access these apps is much lower than purchasing the operating software. This gives the small business owner the same access to apps and software that was once only available to enterprise-level businesses. By using the same software as their competition, the small business owner is able to compete on the same playing field.

Productivity and the Cloud

Productivity apps that run on the Cloud can help your employees stay on track, co-share tasks with product and project development, and seek assistance when needed. Some of the most useful apps in regards to employee productivity can be found in the Office 365 bundle from Microsoft, which is available from Tridacom.

With apps that your employees can use to share info, complete tasks, email each other, create documents, and powerPoint presentations, Office 365 is a powerful tool that any business can use to grow, and is especially well-designed for use by small and medium sized organizations.

Cloud-based telephony systems including VoIP and Digital PBX is making it easier for companies and their employees to connect with each other with signifigantly lowered operating costs in comparison to legacy phone systems. VoIP (Voice over IP) is making it easier for employees to stay connected when on the move by forwarding calls from their desk phone to their mobile device. It also allows the busy employee to filter non-essential calls so that they can remain focused on the tasks at hand.

Digital PBX (private branch exchange) operates as a legacy switchboard used to in that it allows a company to have one main inbound phone number that callers use to access employees and departments. Once connected, the caller specifies the extension of the person or department they want to speak to, and the call is automatically directed to the intended employee. If the employee is away from their desk, the call can be rerouted to their mobile device or a voicemail system.

Using the Cloud to Recover from Disaster

Disaster may strike a business at any time, and the Cloud can help to protect your company against most problems that may arise. With Cloud-hosted servers, your business is protected from data-loss with back-ups and having your data located on separate virtual machines. This allows your business to access a backup so that a restore can be initiated, which limits the downtime to minutes instead of hours or days.

Tridacom is experienced in creating Disaster Recovery and Network Continuity Plans that help a business recover quickly from most disasters, including Mother Nature, malicious employees, or human error. Our team of IT Consultants can help your business managers or install fail-safe system processes and safety nets that protect your business and its data from downtime. This enables your team to work through most any disaster that could cripple an organization without adequate protection.

With your data and processes hosted in the Cloud, it’s easier for your analytical team to access and analyze key processes, employee efficiency, and client lifecycles. By understanding the data and their KPIs (key performance indicators), your team can optimize and refine how your employees and clients use your business. This can give you insight into areas of improvements, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that will make your business easier to use for everyone.


With Cloud-based hosting and data storage, the flexibility that comes with it gives your company the leverage to grow in ways that were previously unavailable. When your employees are all on the same network and are able to share ideas and information in a more streamlined process, it enables them with the power to bring more revenue-generating projects to fruition.

Find out how Tridacom can help your business take advantage of the Cloud so that it can grow into new markets and areas. Call us today at 1-877-489-0123 for more on how the Cloud can work for your company.

Tridacom is a Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver.

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