How Your Business Benefits from Virtual PBX
July 21st, 2015 Matt McCue

Virtual PBX is the more cost-effective option for businesses concerned with lowering the operational costs of their telephony systems.

Cloud-base computing has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way businesses use technology, and Virtual PBX (private branch exchange) for offices is one of the more common uses of the cloud by companies of all sizes.

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What is Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX is the switchboard system that runs the phone system of a business. A business can choose to have a cloud-based Virtual PBX that is accessed via the internet or an on-premise system which requires more management and upkeep. Virtual PBX is the more cost-effective option for businesses concerned about operational costs of their telephony systems.

With a Virtual PBX, an office can connect its employees throughout various locations (including home offices) to the same network, making it easier for clients and coworkers to connect with your employees. When everyone is connected via the same Virtual PBX, calling one another becomes a zero-cost business activity, in comparison to legacy phone systems which could charge toll fees if the employees are in different geographical regions.

Virtual PBX is a highly flexible telephony system that integrates mobile and remote locations into a seamless phone network, enabling every employee to remain connected via their mobile devices when away from their desk or office. A Virtual PBX office makes it easier for business managers and employers to add or remove employees and locations during office changes or hiring sprees.

The Virtual PBX system is also loaded with additional features not available to legacy phone systems, all of which make it easier for your employees to remain connected with each other and the clients they serve. These features, which come included in every Virtual PBX system installed by Tridacom, include Voicemail, Call forwarding, Call filtering, and connectability to remote locations.

The ROI of Virtual PBX

The main benefit of switching your business to a Virtual PBX system is a higher ROI in comparison to a legacy phone system. Virtual PBX eliminates most long distance toll charges and maintenance costs, making it a much less expensive phone system for your business. A Virtual PBX system costs much less than a legacy phone system because calls are routed through the internet to the

The flexibility offered by Virtual PBX makes it easy for you to add new phone numbers, extensions, employees, and location within the same day - without a the need for a service call to your location(s). Because Virtual PBX is an online system, you’re able to expand your network as needed through an admin dashboard portal. This makes it possible to get your new permanent or temporary employees, locations, and telecommuters  onto your network the day they start working for your company. Spend less time setting up their phone number or extension with less delays or headaches than you would with your legacy phone system.

Staying Connected with Poor or Limited Connection

What happens to your business phone system when the power or phone lines go down? If your business is connected to a legacy phone system, your business grinds to a halt. Limited connection or power means that a legacy PBX phone system cannot operate, but a Virtual PBX is still operational - when your employees use their mobile devices or tablets to remain connected. This means that your business can still operate at full capacity, even when other businesses cannot connect to the internet.
Whether its the weather, major disaster in your area, or a disruption of service due to a cut cable, a Tridacom Virtual PBX ensures that your business can still take care of its clients without a noticeable service outage. With our Virtual PBX, your company is protected from outages and downtime caused by external forces and situations beyond your control.


With a lower operational cost and increased ROI, Tridacom’s Virtual PBX telephony system is the ideal choice for your growing business. We make sure that your company and its employees are connected wherever they happen to be - whether it’s at the office or across the globe.

Virtual PBX is available without the need for service calls whenever you need to add or remove employees or locations, making it a less expensive way for your employees to communicate with each other.
And with the Internet routing all of the calls, Virtual PBX is a more secure and stable telephony system than legacy phone systems. Your calls are encrypted and delivered via broadband internet connections to the destination caller, who experiences a clearer call with less distortion than when using legacy phone systems.

About Tridacom

Tridacom is a 100% Canadian company with offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver. Our team of IT Consultants and telephony professionals have worked with countless business owners and managers, to help them improve business processes and communication systems.

With Tridacom’s Virtual PBX, you’re able to get your employees connected and ensure their connectivity as they travel to different company locations or client’s offices anywhere in the world.

Find out more about how Virtual PBX improves business communication, and how your organization can profit by switching to Virtual PBX. Give us a call today at 1-877-489-0123 for more information on Virtual PBX or any of the other services that Tridacom offers.

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