Best Practices in Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery
August 3rd, 2015 Matt McCue

No matter how your company uses IT, Tridacom has a solution to keep your business operational when disaster strikes.

Taking the steps to protect the IT investments of your business from natural or manmade disasters is the main objective of a Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery (NCDR) plan, the anticipatory steps to keep your network online when the unexpected happens.

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When systems fail or go offline, it makes it difficult or impossible for your employees to continue to work to their full potential. Retrieving important data, communicating with other employees or clients, and essential business processes can all be disrupted when a disaster strikes your network. However, planning for a redundant path can keep business flowing without any noticeable disruption of service.

When getting your NCDR plan in order, it’s best to consult the professionals for the most effective course of action. Tridacom has developed NCDR plans for a number of businesses within Canada, each with differing needs and requirements. Our team has the experience to formulate a plan that’s right for your organization. No matter how your company uses IT, Tridacom has a solution to keep your business operational during disaster.

In short, a Network Continuity plan is the steps needed to keep your business network operational during any sort of disrupted service or system outage. Businesses rely heavily on networks to operate, which include the use of servers, telecommunications, databases, email, etc., which all require a differing set of technology to operate.

A Network Continuity plan will ensure that your clients and end-users by routing to offsite data centers that are prepared to handle your workload. With remote recovery sites, the recovery time is measured in seconds, and the likelihood of your clients/users noticing a change in their service is minimized. In many industries have regulations against unscheduled downtimes, and require companies to notify clients or suspend operations when their system does down. A network continuity plan is designed to safeguard your organization against network failure, ensuring that your end users experience little to no disruption of service.

A Disaster Recovery plan is a necessity in all business environments, as the unexpected can cause crises which may cause servers or datacentres to fail. In the most extreme cases, a disaster could cause disruption to service which requires restoring systems from a remote datacentre or onsite with alternate equipment. A Disaster Recovery plan typically requires extensive hands-on service to restore operational status to the operating system or machines. Our team of IT professionals may have to rebuild servers, restore data, reinstall applications, etc., in order to restore service to IT infrastructures. In previous Disaster Recovery plans we have employed backups, virtualization, server hardware, offsite datacentres, replication, network and networking services.

There are some key steps that your business can do to reduce the risks of downtime or loss of service, and one of the main ways that you can protect your organization is by relying on cloud-based computing. Relying on continuity with cloud-based operations is a strategy many businesses are taking advantage of. In addition to reducing the chances for downtime, the Cloud can also alleviate the workload of your servers by hosting key processes offsite.

Our data centre is available for use by our clients to host essential processes and databases which are necessary for the operational status of their business. When your data is hosted with us, our team of IT professionals maintain uptime for all of your processes to ensure that they’re fully operational. As a Managed IT Services client, the operational status of your databases, key processes, operating systems, etc., are protected by our team of IT professionals working around the clock to ensure 99.9% uptime.

To learn more about customized Network Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans for your business, contact Tridacom today at 1-877-489-0123. Our team of IT professionals are available to discuss how we can protect your business from the unexpected crisis, and ensure your company is insulated from downtime and infrastructure failure.


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