How to Post an Animated GIF on Facebook
July 3rd, 2015 Matt McCue

Animated GIFs on Facebook? We 'Like' this.

After years of snubbing the lowly animated GIF, Facebook has finally made it possible to share and post animated GIFs on your pages and profiles.

Photo Credit: Vince Mckelvie

Animated GIFs have been around since the early days of the internet, and fortunately they’ve evolved from the annoying bits on early renditions of HTML websites to loops of photos of our favourite shows, celebrities, and cats. And while it may not be appropriate for every business page to start using animated GIFs, there may be a time and a place for them in your marketing.

How to Use an Animated GIF in Facebook

If you upload or share a link of an animated GIF in Facebook as you normally would when sharing a photo, it won’t display as a loop, and only the first frame will be displayed. To ensure that the shared GIF works as an animated image with a Play button to activate the loop, you’ll have to share the image from Giphy, the search engine for GIFs.

Using Giphy, you can look for GIFs to use with the site’s search function, which aggregates the GIFs using tags, or you can upload your own GIF. Whether you find an animated GIF or upload your own, Giphy will present various options to share the GIF.

We recommend using the links under the Advanced tab, which has a shortened link that you can copy and paste into your Facebook status update. Doing this will allow Facebook to easily pull the photo from Giphy, which displays a full sized photo along with a play button so that your followers know that it’s an animated GIF, which they can watch in an infinite loop from their Facebook news feed.

You can also use Giphy to share animated GIFs in your Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Reddit accounts, which makes it easy to include GIFs into your marketing campaigns. Use your creativity to create GIFs that display products, services, behind-the-scenes, or your staff, giving your social media followers a more energetic and visually-impactful post.

We’ll be testing the impressions and interactions of the animated GIFs over the next couple weeks, to get a better understanding of how Facebook treats GIFs. We’ll check the impression rates to see whether they have the same visibility as native videos (videos uploaded directly to Facebook), which the social media account really likes these days.

With the new ability to use animated GIFs in Facebook and across social media, how will you be using GIFs to promote your products or services?

Follow Tridacom on Facebook and Twitter to see all of our posts (including the animated GIFs we’ll be posting), and let us know how you’ll be using animated GIFs on your business page. We’re curious to know how other businesses are going to use them.

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