The Advantages of Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems
September 14th, 2015 Matt McCue

Cloud-hosted phone systems are VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony systems that your business can use to communicate with office and mobile phone devices.

A cloud-based phone system has many advantages for a business of all size, which we will discuss in this Tridacom article.


Increased Savings


The main advantage of a cloud-based telephone system for your business is lower operational costs when compared to legacy phone systems. A cloud-based phone system uses the internet to route calls to their destination, which is less expensive than you’re used to paying with the phone company you’re using.


Since the calls are routed via the internet, long distance toll charges are non-existent, which can save your business lots of money each month if you do business with clients overseas, or if you have locations in different cities or countries. Depending on the call volume, the savings could range from hundreds to thousands of dollars each year you use cloud-based telephone systems for your office(s).


Call Security


An increase in call security is another benefit of using cloud-based phone systems for your business. As legacy phone systems do not encrypt calls routed on their network, it’s possible for a corrupted line to have your calls heard by a third-party. This is not the case with cloud-based phone calls. All of the calls that are made through a cloud-based telephony system are automatically encrypted, which offers a level of security not available with legacy phone systems.


Increased Efficiency


Your employees often juggle multiple functions and projects during the normal course of their workday. A cloud-based phone system can allow them to work through their important tasks without disruption when they take advantage of Call Filtering. When an employee requires uninterrupted time, they can simply set their phone to filter out non-essential calls, which are then sent directly to their voicemail. This allows them to focus on the tasks at hand without being bothered by calls that they can reply to at a later time when it’s convenient for them.


Added Features


All of the cloud-based telephone services come with bundled features for your business that can increase the user experience. These features include voicemail with email notifications, caller ID, call forwarding to their mobile device or a coworker’s extension, and call filtering.


These features give your employees the tools they need to work to their full potential so that they can be as productive as possible, thereby increasing their value to your company and it’s revenue.


Work Anywhere


The walls of your office don’t bind today’s workplace. Employees work from home, travel to clients and other facilities, and they can’t be restricted with a phone system that doesn’t allow them to stay connected. Their cloud-based office phone number can easily be forwarded to their mobile device so that they can remain connected to the people that need to get in touch with them. This makes it easy for their clients and coworkers to call the employee by using their primary work number.


Easy Billing


Tridacom sells cloud-based phone systems to all business sizes, and our easy billing method is based on the number of employees using the system. Long-distance usage is included with each package so that you and your financial department can easy budget your telephony operational costs. This allows your organization to plan the expenses of your telephone communication without the worry of large bills due to a high volume of long distance phone calls.


To find out how your business can switch to a cloud-based telephone system for your office(s), please call Tridacom today at 1-877-489-0123. Our team of Telecommunications professionals can provide you with a monthly plan that is based on the number of users connected to the network.

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