VoIP For Business - 7 Benefits to Going Digital
August 10th, 2015 Matt McCue

There are many benefits to using a VoIP system for your organization. We outline 7 of the benefits of using VoIP for Business and how it can increase employee productivity while reducing operational costs.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology which sends telephone calls over the internet using broadband connections to deliver the call to the recipients. By converting the voice to digital signal, the calls are transferred through your business’ internet broadband connection. In short, you’re using the internet to make phone calls. There are many benefits to using a VoIP for Business telephony system. 

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Flexible Telephony System

One of the main advantages to using VoIP for your business is that it’s highly flexibility. A VoIP System can still use conventional phones and a VoIP converter or adapter, which is similar to a USB thumb drive, which you can use on most any computers that are connected to the internet. The converter will detect voice signal from the phone and convert it to digital signal to be transmitted via the internet. The converter will allow you to have your own phone number, which can be used from any remote location. This makes the VoIP system a highly portable system that your employees can use when travelling, as the converter makes any phone into their office phone. 


Cost-Effective Phone Systems

The VoIP telephone is much less expensive than the conventional legacy phone system, and businesses experience a reduction in the operational costs of their phone systems. Long distance phone calls are also much cheaper than when using a VoIP system as the providers typically include the costs of long distance in the monthly service fees. This ensures that there are no large phone bills at the end of the month, and business managers can effectively budget and plan the expenses associated with their phone calls. 



With the rising trend in telecommuting or working from home, businesses are learning the cost savings in having remote employees. The VoIP phone system allows your employees to remain in contact with each other via video-conferencing, even when an employee is on the other side of the world. Your coworkers and clients can connect to discuss important projects and deals, attend meetings, and share ideas with other coworkers. The ability to video-conference brings employees together to improve productivity and increase revenue for the company.


Easy to Add New Employees and Locations

As your business grows, the ability to add new employees and/or locations to your network is essential to your growth. Having to call the phone company to add new lines or install new phone lines to locations just isn’t convenient, which is why VoIP is the clear choice for the growing company. Adding new phone lines, employees, and locations to your network is an easy process, thanks to the easy-to-use admin dashboard. In about 5 minutes, you can add new employees or phone lines to your network - without having to call or wait for the phone company to install the lines. 



Legacy phone systems can make it difficult for travelling employees to remain in contact with the office or their coworkers, even when they’re just travelling across your facility. A VoIP handset is a highly portable device that your employees can use to remain connected to their office phone when travelling - from across the office to the other side of the globe. When you’re employees are connected, they’ll never miss that important call from a client. They’re also able to forward calls from their desks to their mobile device with ease.


Do Not Disturb

This is a feature to VoIP that can increase productivity in your employees. When they’re busy working on an important project or in a meeting, they can temporarily turn off calls to their device. They can program the phone to redirect calls to their voicemail automatically, or select another destination such as a coworker or receptionist. 


Increased Call Quality


The initial phone call may be the first impression a potential client may have of your business, which is why the phone call quality is so important. Because the VoIP calls are relayed through the broadband internet, the call quality is superior to a legacy phone system. Voices are converted to digital signal, which is delivered without a reduction in audio quality.




The VoIP phone system is a cost-effective and highly flexible network that can increase your business productivity and revenue flow. By ensuring that your clients can always get in touch with your employees, you’ll never have to worry about missing out on an important business deal. Your employees can talk to their coworkers and their clients from anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the costs of the legacy phone system. 


About Tridacom

Tridacom is a Canadian company that specializes in IT Consulting and Telecommunications. Our VoIP for Business packages are flexible for businesses of all sizes, and our team of VoIP experts can assist you in selecting the package that fits the needs of your organization. 

Tridacom has offices in Edmonton, Regina, Toronto, and Vancouver; and our team is available to discuss how VoIP for Business can increase your company’s workflow and revenue.

For more information on VoIP for Business or any other Tridacom service, please call 1-877-489-0123.

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