5 Amazingly Simple Office Security Hacks for Your Employees
May 28th, 2015 Matt McCue

Your employees may be the greatest risk to your company's data and infrastructure.

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When it comes to keeping your company’s network and data secure, one of the main ways to make sure that your employees are using the most current security protocols.

  1. Never share computers. Ban the practice of sharing your office computer with a colleague. When an employee shares a work computer with a co-worker, it can potentially destroy their career and life. Anything the co-worker does on the borrowed computer will be traced back to the employee who lent the device, and the wrong employee will be investigated if the machine is used to do anything malicious to the company.

  2. Never share passwords. Make sure that none of your employees are sharing their passwords and login information with anyone. For the same reasons as sharing computers, they’re taking responsibility for the actions of anyone with their logins. From banned websites to data theft, there are countless reasons why employees shouldn’t share passwords.

  3. Schedule password changes. Changing passwords on a regular basis will help to protect your employees and your systems in the event that someone gained access to an employee’s password. Your IT department (or Tridacom’s IT Consultants) can program your system so that employees are prompted to change their passwords at scheduled intervals.

  4. Don’t open emails in your spam folder. Spam email can contain malicious attachments and links that can lead to sites with malware. They can look innocent, but hackers have been known to infect networks with emails that appear to be safe to gain access or infect a company’s data or network.
    Tip: Tridacom’s Virtualization packages uses the most current and aggressive anti-virus software to ensure that our clients are protected from virus and malware that may be hidden in emails.

  5. Delete your Files. When you send a file to your Recycling Bin (PCs) or Trash Bin (Mac), the files remain there for your peace-of-mind. In the event that you delete a file accidentally, you can retrieve it before it’s gone forever. Hackers with access to your system can also retrieve these files; if the file has your password, sensitive data, or trade secrets then it’s a good idea to empty your Recycling or Trash Bin.

There are more advanced precautions that you can take in order to protect and secure your organization’s infrastructure or network. Talk to Tridacom’s IT Consultants to further protect your company’s data and IT investment. We will work with your organization to ensure that it’s protected with the most comprehensive security protocols and features.

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