5 Hacks for Startups on a Budget
May 8th, 2015 Matt McCue

A cost-effective, guerilla marketing campaign can be difference between a successful startup and a business disaster.

If you want your startup’s launch to be considered a success, your efforts need to get the most impact without breaking the bank. A cost-effective, guerilla marketing campaign can be the

difference between a successful startup and a business disaster.

Launching a startup is a stressful venture with lots of costs - it’s important that your marketing efforts don’t take monies away from more crucial aspects of your business. But how do you market your new business on a shoestring budget?

1. Get social

A startup needs to get the word out about its products and services - sometimes even before it’s ready to launch. Testing prototypes and conducting market research are often tasks that are carried out before any real product or service goes to market, and one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to get people talking about your startup is with a strong social media presence.
Building a following with social media can be done with little or no costs when a strong presence is developed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
Both startups and known brands have increased their exposure and ROI when properly using social media to generate a buzz about their organization.

2. Return calls and emails

Promptly replying to emails and phone calls is an essential customer service protocol, but sometimes these important tasks are overlooked when startups are delegating tasks to team members.
Choose someone on the team to respond to all customer phone calls and emails, and give them a dedicated phone number and email address that customers can use to reach them. A VoIP phone number can decrease the operating costs of a customer help line - and the calls can be forwarded to the employee’s mobile device when they’re away from the desk.
Tip: Tridacom has VoIP packages for businesses of all sizes.

3. Create branded content

Branded content is an amazing way for your company to develop a following - and position itself as an industry leader. Infographics and behind-the-scenes videos can be developed with small budgets, and can give your audience a better understanding of your organization. Sharing branded content on your social media accounts will increase its exposure and impact for your company.

4. Style guide

Develop a style guide for your business to follow with marketing copy, printed materials, website(s), trade show brochures and signage, etc. The style guide outlines the colours, fonts, and typography that will be used when designing items for your company.
Establishing a style guide at your start-up’s inception ensures that all the materials and content that’s created uses the same style. This is important (yet often overlooked) for continuity and branding.

5. Focus on the target audience

Establish who your ideal customer is, and create content that speaks directly to them. Conduct market research to help you discover who your ideal customer is and what their fears are. Once you figure out who your product is for, you can develop content that explains how your product or service will alleviate their fears - making their lives better when they buy it.


In addition to these marketing tips, your startup needs to save money on operating costs without cutting corners in the delivery or quality of products or services. Tridacom can help with reducing the operational costs of:


  • Your IT department with any of our Managed Services packages
  • Telecommunication services with any of our VoIP for business solutions
  • Hosting and storage with Cloud-based operations
  • Employee workload with custom software development for your business
  • Business procedures with consultant services to streamline operations


Contact Tridacom today for a free consultation on how our IT and Telecommunication solutions improve business operations for your startup. Call 1-877-489-0123 to talk to our business consultants about any of Tridacom's services.

Tridacom is a IT and Telecommuncation company with offices in Edmonton, Toronto, Regina, and Vancouver.

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