5 Amazing Social Media Hacks
May 19th, 2015 Matt McCue

A business needs as much free exposure as possible to compete and be successful, and a strong social media presence can help achieve your business’ marketing goals.

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 But finding the time to keep all of your social media accounts topped up with content to post can be a full-time job.

Fortunately, there are lots of inexpensive or zero cost apps available for the business owner to use to save time on their social media tasks. Whether you’re looking to schedule status updates and posts or dig deep into analytics to calculate the ROI (return on investment), there’s a solution for you to use.


Buffer is a free or premium app that you can use to pre-program status updates, RTs, and shares on Twitter, Pinterest, and/or Facebook. This time-saving tool is a great way for you to schedule up to a week’s posts in advance making your presence on social media a daily affair. You can also set times for your posts to go out per day, allowing you to schedule posting times that are relevant to your market and campaigns.
Using Buffer allows you to save time by signing into your account and scheduling your posts periodically instead of every day. It relieves stress so you don’t have to worrying about whether you remembered to create an update on any given day - and it increases engagement by posting at times when you know that your followers are online.


SocialBro is a free or premium app that you can use for your Twitter account to analyze your followers’ to increase their experience and exposure to your tweets. With SocialBro you can discover when your followers are online, and link the data to your Buffer account.
SocialBro can be used to discover your most influential followers, making it easier to figure out who you should build a relationship with. It can also be used to see who you are following but isn’t following you back, and also the inactive accounts.
Tip: Unfollow inactive accounts from your account as you try to build your followers.
Some of the other great uses for SocialBro include:

Analyzing your competition
Adding collaborators to your account
DM campaigns for segmented groups
Tracking interactions


HootSuite is a free or premium app that you can use for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to save time on creating social media reports and engaging your fans. You can use your HootSuite to create reports that measure the ROI of social activities, create and measure the goals defined for campaigns, and give your team members data-driven strategies to improve engagement.
HootSuite allows you to create custom reports that you can use to measure the valuable KPIs that you and your team are using to track the effectiveness of your social media activities, making it easy and effective to gauge the success of campaigns in real time.

Social Count

SocialCount is a 100% free app that you can use to measure the amount of social interactions that your blog posts receive throughout the social media universe. It’s an extremely easy to use app - simply type in your URL and the app will search the top social media networks for mentions and shares of your content.
What’s great about SocialCount is that you can use it to analyse your competition’s social media activity as easily as you can check your own. Because there is no verification process to access your accounts, you only need to input the URL of your competitor’s site to see their most popular posts and pages.


When managing campaigns on social media, it’s important to see in real time when they begin to go viral, which is exactly what BuzzSumo does. BuzzSumo is a paid app which can be used to follow the social buzz of your posts and when your campaigns go viral.
Receive email notifications when your posts begin to gain traction and attention so you can monitor its success in real time.


Your social media presence can be the aspect of your marketing strategy that makes or breaks your campaign’s effectiveness. When you’re able to properly manage your online presence and generate reports to show the C-Suites in your organization, you’ll be able to justify more campaigns and a higher marketing budget.
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