10 Great Ways Your Customer Service Improves with Virtual PRI
May 6th, 2015 Matt McCue

Make easier for clients and employees to contact each other - from across the office to the other side of the world.

Your business can improve its customer service when using Virtual PRI (a form of VoIP (voice over IP)) as the telephone system, making easier for clients and employees to contact each other. VoIP is a cost-effective and scalable phone solution that uses internet lines to route calls - from across the office to the other side of the world.

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1. Local Presence

Whether you do business in one city or in different cities throughout the country or internationally, Virtual PRI gives you a local presence by having local phone numbers for each of the markets that you serve. Having a local phone number makes it easier for potential and existing clients call your employees with local numbers redirected to any location in your company.

2. 24/7 Customer Service

Your clients may not work on your office hours schedule, they may be night-owls or calling from another time-zone. Having a customer service number that redirects to an employee working on-call or in another time-zone ensures that you never leave your customer waiting.

3. Inexpensive Call Backs

Returning your clients’ calls is now much less expensive with Virtual PRI service. Employees can call more for less when connected to your network. With all calls being sent over the internet, the cost of calling your employees is greatly reduced - if not completely free.

4. Working from Home

Employees like the flexibility of working from home. Whether they’re taking time away from the office or they’re a telecommuting employee that works exclusively from their home office, Virtual PRI gives you the options to redirect calls to any location - without the customer knowing that the call had been redirected.

5. Individual Lines for Employees

Giving each of your employees their own dedicated phone line makes it easier for customers to get in touch with the employee or department that they’re trying to reach. No more will your clients be subjected to, “Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Billing, Press 3 for Technical Support...” in order to get in touch with the employee they need to talk to.

6. Quality Assurance

This call is may be recorded for quality assurance.” Wouldn’t it be great to be able to record phone calls between your employees and clients? Recorded calls can be used in training seminars, and can also protect your business from possible legal problems in the event of a dispute with a disgruntled client.

7. Never Miss a Call

You never have to worry about your employees missing that important business call ever again. Adding the mobile phones of your employees to your network ensures that your clients’ calls are always sent to your employees. If the employee doesn’t pick up the call, the client can leave a voicemail message. Your employee automatically receives an email letting them know there’s a message waiting for them.

8. No Roaming Charges

Employees need to travel in order to grow your business. Trade shows, overseas factory inspections, business meetings in another city, or any other reason your employee needed to leave the office were all ways to incur roaming charges. But not with Virtual PRI. Coverage and calls are internet-based, making it less expensive for you to send your employees on the road.

9. More Control

When you use Virtual PRI for your business, you’ll be able to see detailed call data for each employee including who they call, the length of each call, and how many calls the employee didn’t answer. Your customer service can improve by balancing out the number of calls your employees receive, reducing the workload for an employee with a high call volume.

10. Lower Operating Costs

In general, it’s a lot less expensive to operate a powerful customer service centre that gets all of your clients’ needs met. Operating costs and long-distance fees are greatly reduced in comparison to traditional legacy phone lines, making it’s easier for your clients to get in touch when your office is closed.

Tridacom’s Virtual PRI and VoIP experts are available to explain how your business’ customer service will improve when you switch to one of our VoIP for business packages. We have something for all business sizes and budgets - from SMB all the way up to Enterprise. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate at 1.877.489.0123.

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